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a few things of note, i guess. picked up the new Weird Al yesterday,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
a few things of note, i guess. picked up the new Weird Al yesterday, of course. you know you're out of touch with mainstream music when you don't recognize any of the parodied song names. 5 parodies in all - Eminem, Nelly, Avril, Backstreet & Billy Joel (yeah i know, what the hell?). upon listening to the songs themselves...well ok, some of them, i had indeed heart parts of them at some point in time, so i wasn't completely out of it. the parodies of Eminem and Avril are funny as hell, the latter in my opinion is in the top 10 parodies he's ever done. that was the one we listened to more than once. apparently all of them were well done, since chris' girlfriend is more in tune with radio music and seemed to be highly amused by them all. haven't really listened to the originals yet.

also put the computer together last night. well, ok, chris did most of it. i sat there and looked pretty. he's got lots of practice though so each one is just fine tuning the skill. played scrabble with shaunna while he found stable overclocking speeds on it. beat her by like 30 points. took the comp home and installed some games, its pretty sweet looking. didn't get a chance to really play with it yet. have to make sure that money was well spent :)

finally, i got a letter from sonoma state. not the one i wanted. also not the one i was hoping i wouldn't get. its another request for more info so they can finish my application process. this time they went my AP scores. at first i was mad because this is taking so long. however, after i thought about it, i realized this is probably a good thing. my AP scores only affect how many units i have going in, not my GPA. when they send you notice of admission as a transfer, you get an evaluation of transfer credit. i'm basically assuming at this point that this is why they need these scores, to determine my overall credit. i just wish they would tell me already.

in any event, i'm going to plan the summer for this scenario. which means i'll have to keep working here. also means i have to find a job over there somewhere.
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