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check out this cool email from this morning from my boss (dick and… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
check out this cool email from this morning from my boss (dick and alan are my boss' boss and his boss, respectively):

this issue could have been resolved two weeks ago. You have been sent several email notices regarding this OVERDUE ticket and we had a discussion last week on this ticket. It looks like you didn't even bother to contact Dell last week at ALL.

Within the last few weeks I've had to stay on you regarding your open tickets. What I see happening is you're constantly sitting at your computer staring at your monitor doing internet chatting. Like I said before in my email (to helpdesk students) if you don't have anything to work on come see me.

I think it time to look in to letting some students go. There isn't enough work to keep them ALL busy during the summer break. I'm constantly, having to stay on certain students regarding help desk work. I have student who want to work and others like Chris who only want to work when they feel like it. This is becoming very frustrating to me and other students who come in and work hard ALL the time.

yay i'm gonna get fired! well. not if i have anything to say about it. i have so much evidence to the contrary it probably won't even matter. i hate that bitch.
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