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i was going to drive to vallejo on saturday and visit Rasputin's. i… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
i was going to drive to vallejo on saturday and visit Rasputin's. i saw it on the way to SF the previous weekend and about jumped out of the car while we were on the highway. you don't understand, rasputin's is THE independent music store. it has, far and away, the best metal section in the history of music stores. i visited the one in berkeley whenever i could afford it. now there is one closer, i shall have to make use of it regularly. within reason, of course.

anyway, i ended up not going because it turned out there was an Esports World Cup qualifier in France that day, with matches being broadcasted. so i decided to stay home and watch those instead, because i'm a huge geek. watching [9].esu is like poetry, those guys have such fantastic teamwork. i believe they will finish top 3 at this summer's CPL.

so i didn't get oscar's wedding gift either that day. i ended up going out yesterday morning to procure(!!!!!) that. got them the ice cream maker off the registry. cuz its hot in sacto in summer.

the wedding itself was very nice, even though it was a Catholic wedding - a Mexican Catholic wedding - and i didn't understand most anything, the ceremony was very interesting which i think was mostly from the cultural tradition as opposed to the religious one. the other Catholic wedding i went to was much more boring. plus, they had mariachi music.

the reception was also very nice, the place it was held in was really something, the Vizcaya. good food and more mariachi. the first girl my eyes found kept glancing my way. i don't really know why because it turns out she has a boyfriend in the service, and has for a while. this was explained to me by oscar's bride, hilda. i wasn't imagining it either, when i walked by their table to the bathroom she looked right at me. maybe i reminded her of her man :\ anyway she left after the dinner and i never spoke to her. meanwhile, melissa was trying to set me up with another girl there. its kinda funny being single, everyone is on the lookout for me. so anyway mexican weddings are funny, both the bouquet toss and the garter toss are a little bit more lively, as each respective group has to make a chain and run around the room a couple times - i really have no clue why but it was more interesting than the usual stuff. then there was the money dance, where you dance with the bride or groom for a few minutes, and pin some cash on them. literally. poor oscar had some kind of money chain going down his back, then toward the end they started pinning up his pant legs, heh.

after that the real dancing got started, which i proudly sat out. i simply have no urge inside me to move to that stuff. i was kinda hoping for an opportunity to ask one of oscar's sisters to dance, as i learned that the cutest one, Rosa, is actually 20. i thought they were all in their teens :p luckily for me oscar doesn't seem to have any problems with his friends hitting on his sisters, score! now he just has to get them back over for a kings game....

oh, and melissa looked amazing. gg cleavage.

so it was a fun time, he's off on a vegas honeymoon now.


more thinking lately, about life. i believe its time for drastic change, in one area or several. i can only go so long complaining about my living situation, my work situation, my relationship situation (anyone who wants to ask, what relationship situation?, can shut up now kthx). i want to live by myself. or as close as possible to it. you know what i was thinking yesterday? man, i want to start playing my trumpet again. ya know, it would be cool to learn italian. i really want to learn how to cook cajun style. i feel like my present situation is completely unhelpful to the kinds of things i want to experiment with, for any number of reasons. but i suck at plans. and even when i make plans, they get so fucked up and toyed with by whatever force likes to jack around with me that all goals are rendered pointless. basically, i need to set priorities. what is the most important thing for me to do, right now? i don't know the answer yet.

and yes, sitting at the table last night, although fun due to hanging with the crew, wasn't the best because everyone had a date but me. and i was at a wedding. maybe that same cosmic force is trying to tell me something. like GTFO OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. hrm...where to start?
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