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i suppose now that its tuesday and i wasn't even at work yesterday… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
i suppose now that its tuesday and i wasn't even at work yesterday (due to my "sinus headache" which actually happened sunday but damn i was tired), i can post about the weekend that was so busy i wasn't home long enough to do laundry. no really! well ok i had time on friday night but psh.

saturday was the day for Oscar's bachelor party, which as i like to say, was a party for the bachelor, in that none of the traditional bachelor party antics took place. myself, the groom-to-be, melissa, chris and shaunna piled into oscar's jeep and took off for san francisco. (yeah we made oscar drive because his car could actually hold all of us, but he didn't pay for anything all day!) arriving shortly after lunchtime we hit the Gordon Biersch Brewery where i feasted on gumbo. gumbo, folks. you just don't find that on menus anywhere. i haven't had it in so long, and it was gooooooood. quite the filling lunch. we spent some time hitting sightseeing spots, namely the Coit Tower (which we paid the 3.75 to go all the way up to the top for) and Twin Peaks - awesome view up there, if a bit windy.

oscar wanted to hit the Sony building, which we did. somewhat disappointing, but we saw X2 while there (movie reviews to appear further down). finally headed for a strip club (it was a bachelor party, after all) but i just couldn't justify a $25 cover just to get INTO the club, let alone whatever it would cost for some entertainment. so we fairly easily decided to make that a destination back in sacto, where the charge is no less than half of that. before leaving town, however, we hit up ghiradelli square, which i've never been to before. even though it was a bitch to find parking around it, we finally did and i enjoyed a cable car sundae. that word looks funny. that concluded our festivities in SF and returned whence we came, even though everybody but oscar fell asleep. i tried to stay awake since i was in the passenger seat, but it was a damn long day. anyway, we didn't see any naked women and we are hoping to this week before the wedding (we're so evil).

now a side note of sorts about the trip. of the 5 of us, i am the only one who isn't in a relationship of at least 11 months in length - the i'm not in any relationship at all goes without saying. i know people will read this and thats ok. basically there were times when i felt rather young, during talk of relationships and sex and such. because i just can't participate, and its so frustrating. not to mention feeling like a child, which is entirely my own doing but nonetheless annoying. i just wish i could offer something during those types of conversations.

so anyway.

it was also Movie Weekend, sort of intentionally and sort of not. i had planned more or less to see a couple movies (paid for, mind you) on Sunday because i could and wanted to. i hit up Mel's for lunch - alone because chris was still asleep, which was fine - and ran into the after church crowd, but managed to make it out without too lengthy of a stay. from there i went to century and got tickets for Phone Booth and Confidence. maybe i should LJ cut for the reviews.

both movies were quality films, for entirely different reasons. i think Phone Booth is something of a landmark movie considering the fact that it takes place almost entirely in one small location, is almost entirely dialogue/actor driven, and yet still completely succeeds in capturing the audience's attention. i mean, really, it IS a movie about a guy in a phone booth. and i was on the edge of my seat. i haven't seen a suspense movie in a while, and i think this was a good representation of the type. colin farrell was fantastic. the chick who played his wife was much less so. the ending confuses me, but i'll discuss that with anyone if they've seen it. recommended.

as for Confidence, well, i just love this type of movie - the heist/caper drama. movies like Snatch, Oceans' Eleven, even Lock, Stock & 2 Smoke Barrels, movies centering around a big score that aren't real dark. when they're done well, they have great storylines filled with colorful characters and good twists. this had all of that. ed burns really can hold his own, but dustin hoffman gave the best performance. i have never really been a fan of his, but here he was marvelous. whats funny is that it almost looked like he showed up for work and was filmed exactly as he looked without any makeup or anything. this is the kind of movie i want to write - it actually had me laughing out loud at the end. just really cool, i might see it again, and i will definitely buy it.

now for X2. i actually saw it twice already - once on Saturday and then once more on Sunday because i took my friend Eddie out to dinner and the movie for his birthday (i'm such a good friend). yes, it does lose something on the second viewing, but what i think is the problem is that the second half of the movie slows down a lot. it becomes a lot of talking and waiting around. the 2 best action scenes are in the first half - Nightcrawler's intro (which totally kicked ass) and the commando guys raiding the mansion, when Wolverine goes buck wild on them. i love love love how the writers are making something as fantastical as mutants so easy to identify with as its treated alternately as a different race (talk of arresting all mutants ala the Japanese internment camps) or as a lifestyle choice (have you tried...not being a mutant? "we still love you"). its not quite so fictional and draws you into it that much more because you've seen things like that happen to people, for other reasons.

quick hits on the characters -
Nightcrawler: probably the best part of the movie, his intro is so wonderfully filmed, and throughout the movie he's doing cool stuff with his teleporting ability and they really flesh out his character nicely in just one movie.
Wolverine - honestly, pretty much the same as the last movie, but he gets more understanding of his past.
Cyclops/Storm/Magneto/Mystique/Rogue - lumped in because they have no particular highlight in the movie, just do their thing when needed
Jean Grey - really big part, sometimes a bit over-the-top with the "something terrible is going to happen" but central to the ending.
Colossus - ok, barely in the movie, but the scene where he armors up and looks at the commandos like they're insane for trying to shoot him, god damn i loved that. i have always thought Colossus ruled, so shut up.
Professor X - more in the background this time, which isn't too bad.
Iceman/Pyro - Iceman had a much much bigger part, but i was somewhat disappointed that he didn't play into the end at all (hello? freeze that huge tidal wave maybe?), just sat on the ship with his girlfriend. Pyro had a limited part, but a great showcase of his ability, and then the questions about his allegiance were understated but obvious. gonna be back i assume.

they basically laid out the foundation for a whole series of movies with this one - there is no real conflict to resolve right now save for the continuing battle against Magneto to protect humans and against humans to protect other mutants. Wolverine's final line "We'll be watching". that pretty much says it all. the ending also gives a hint of whats to come, but if you saw it and have no clue what was going on, ask. it was pretty hard to figure out for me.

now im' back at work. sigh.
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