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i guess, seeing as how i still have nearly an hour before i can make… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
i guess, seeing as how i still have nearly an hour before i can make my escape from here, that i can go ahead with the entry i wanted to make this morning, but didn't get around to. at the time i felt a lot more...sure of what i wanted to write, and excited. i've lost the latter for some reason (probably because i've been HERE all day) but on we go nonetheless.

i suppose a more thorough recap of my trip to Rohnert Park is in order. being the eager lad i am, i arose at around 5 am on satuday. well, ok, that was mostly an accident. i woke up because i had fallen asleep the night before. but, i stayed up anyway because i had to get up at 6 and by the time i was ready to go back to bed i said screw it. so i was ready bright and early, and left elk grove before 7 am. i figured it was a 2 hour drive or so, and the check-in was supposed to run from 8-10. i guess i drove faster than i expected because i got there by 8:30, and it turned out that the gym (where everyone was to gather initially) didn't even open unil 9. so i called mom and got an update on grandma (ask if you want to know). eventually people showed up and we went into the gym where various people spoke, most of which i tuned out because it didn't apply to/interest me much.

as far as i could tell, i was probably the oldest student there. that on top of the fact that probably 80% of the students there were incoming freshmen. so yeah, i felt a little odd, but at the same time more mature, because i was probably one of the only students who didn't have a parent or 2 tagging along. =) granted, mom wanted to go but couldn't, but i'm glad i went alone.

throughout the course of the day i learned that yes, over 2/3 of the students are female, which works in my favor. if i haven't had a date by the end of my first semester there, i'll start seeking help. the funny thing is, i imagine that most of them will be 20 or younger. hey, everyone's legal so who cares. what else did i learn? i don't remember much of use, but i did see one of the dorm rooms. not too bad, but i do end up in the transfer apartments, i better get my own room. give the doubles to the youngins, kthx.

i guess basically the trip was for me to know whether or not i really wanted to go there, and i do. its a great area, and apparently its the smallest CSU campus, which i like the sound of. so if i can just get my stupid transcripts from berkeley i should be in good shape. the problem areas will be housing & employment. there's a lot of both on campus, which is a plus. but i figure they go fast. i'm worried about living off campus because of not knowing anyone, not having a job right away, etc. there are off-campus boards where people are looking for roommates, and there's a lot. i'm somewhat torn between on campus and off. they both have their benefits. i guess money will be the solution.

so in conclusion, it was a fun trip and i hope i get admitted.

moving on...

had some revelations into the importance of family. it was neat. last night i watched a video that my cousin made about grandpa and uncle jim (her dad), basically a video memoir of the Kennedy men. unfortunately my dad's a punk and didn't send them anything to use for it, so he's not in it. but i watched it with grandpa (after Easter dinner) and i learned a lot i didn't know before. i'd never heard him talk about his experience in WWII before so that was totally new, especially the part about actually seeing a concentration camp. that's a subject thats very difficult for him. even though it was not very well made (no offense to my cousin but it really wasn't), it was very enlightening and i appreciate my grandpa more now.

there was probably more to this before.
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