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before i make this entry, i want to proclaim the following. IF YOU… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
before i make this entry, i want to proclaim the following.


onto the entry. yesterday was kind of a lousy day. i had this stupid network printer that refused to install on anybody's computer here, and i gave up trying to figure out why. my help desk shift was ass busy and i was starting to lose it towards the end. then i get a call from the governor's mansion - the bane of my existence lately - reporting that they're trying to install some custom ticket agent software, and the CD-ROM drive isn't showing up. i'm absolutely at a loss because when i left it there a few weeks ago, it was fine. i know this because i installed their printer from a CD. she has me talking to the installer guy who tries to sound like he knows more than he does, but i can't do anything on the phone so i had to wait until this morning to go over there.

hence the loud banner above. some dumbshit had disabled both the CD drive and the Zip drive in the BIOS, whether on purpose or on accident i don't know. but you can't do that without trying. so i turned them back on and OH MY GOD, it worked. what a shocker. i wonder how much stuff i fix due to users being stupid retards and how much of it is actually the computers' faults. anyway.

on the drive home, my sister called me from my parents house. that was odd. until she said "grandma had a stroke." i knew it wasn't worse than that because she wasn't bawling. she told me she was functioning ok, that it hadn't seemed to really do much permanent damage (preliminary diagnosis, relayed from my aunt who lives in the same area). my grandma's a tough old coot, so one measly stroke won't take her down. of course, after having read Aaron's journal, two might just have the power. here's hoping that doesn't happen.

no, i wasn't upset really..well i was upset, for not for the normal reasons. i'm not really worried about grandma right now. what i'm upset about right now is the fucking doctors she went to a few months ago who could have prevented this from happening. let me make sure i didn't go over this already...ok, upon checking my calendar, i have in fact not discussed the holiday events concerning my grandma (it's my mother's mom, by the way).

a few days after christmas, she had an episode involving some short-term memory loss and seeing spots in front of her eyes, amongst other symptoms. we took out the Harvard Medical School book we have, and looked up something that almost exactly, to the letter, described what she had experienced. It was called TIA, or Transient Ischemic Attack aka pre-stroke or mini-stroke. Well, first of all they wouldn't even see her for like 3 weeks, which is basically pointless, and then they told us that information like that in Medical Guides is not really accurate. I'm sorry, but we knew what it was, even if you didn't, and now she had a stroke because nobody did a god damn thing to prevent it. If she has another that leaves her disabled or dead, I'm going to ask my parents if we can sue for malpractice. Don't trouble me with legal stuff or logic right now, the doctors didn't do their job and it may have really cost her.

My mom is already down there, because when her dad died, she barely made it in time, and who knows when another stroke might come.

So thats why I'm somewhat volatile right now.
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From: thereforeiam Date: April 9th, 2003 08:59 am (UTC) (Link)
If you need to vent/talk, you know where to find me.
pillar From: pillar Date: April 9th, 2003 10:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I hear you . . . the whole time Aaron's dad was at Keiser, he and his step mom were saying how much better Mercy hospital is, and they wish he would have been there instead. He's out of the hospital now, and he seems fine.

I hope your grandmother is okay . . . mine had a stroke last year, she recovered very well.
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