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customary monday morning "what i did this weekend" post. this… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
customary monday morning "what i did this weekend" post.

this weekend was lantactics, a big LAN tournament in Chicago with prominent teams attending.

i spent most of the weekend watching/listening to those matches. yes, i am such a geek that i listened to the play-by-play announcing on shoutcast of the matches.

what, its not like i had anything better to do! i did see Chris' light opera performance, which was good with some caveats. in no particular oder:

1. the language was not of this era, which isn't too awful, but how many people even know what "amiable" means? and that was one of the easy ones.
2. the tendency to fuck up pronunciation to fit rhyme patterns. this pisses me off to no ends, and i don't know if i should blame the song writers or what. in one song at the end, "lily" was pronounced "li-LY" to fit the rhyme, and i'm PRETTY sure that "sympathy" was pronounced "sympaTHY" instead of the customary "sympathee" pronunciation.
3. the singing during some parts was entirely too fast to follow, again i blame the writer. there's no point in singing if you have to do it so fast nobody has a clue what you're saying.

i think thats it. chris' parents were great, his mom can really sing. afterwards we went to Tower Cafe with some people from the show and some friends who were also there to see it, where i met Sarah who i'm in the process of being set up with, or something.

OFFICE SPACE PARTY!!! that is all.
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