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Back from The Night Out With Bonnie. So, this thing we went to see… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Back from The Night Out With Bonnie. So, this thing we went to see is called "Far Side of the Moon" and is a one-man presentation by a guy named Robert LePage (he's from Quebec, so it's pronounced Ro-BEAR Le-PAJ if that makes sense). It was really incredible. The creativity that went into it was remarkable. Basically, it is a story of the relationship between he and his brother which uses the race to the moon between Russia and US as a backdrop, as well as the inspiration. The extent of the props was thus: A backdrop panel that had one open spot and the parts could be slid together or the whole thing could be moved back and forth, and one part of it was basically a porthole, which was used for various purposes (all very ingeniously); and this thing called a stroboscope, which is mechanical. On one side is a big mirror, and it can be rotated or moved up and down depending on the requirements of the scene. The guy managed to use these 2 simple devices, along with some standard prop stuff to create this show that was just astounding. It had comedic parts, which were fairly obvious. It wasn't meant to be a really dramatic thing, but the guy is really talented. Just to give you an idea, here's how the ending went:

On the ground, two sets of 3 chairs apiece were placed with the seat backs on the ground, so to "sit" in them you would have to have your back on the ground and your legs raised in the air. There was also a water cooler laying down next to them. The mirror on the stroboscope was put at such an angle so that it looked like he was sitting in a hall normally, facing the audience. He then began moving around on the floor so if you looked at the mirror (and that was the point), it looked like there was no gravity and he was floating around in space. It was a fantastic visual.

The fact that we got the seats comp and they were in the middle of the second row only made it better. Plus Bonnie is a bit of a snuggler so that was sweet. :)

I would absolutely recommend this show to anyone. I'd go back and pay tomorrow but I sorta have things to do. It's good to get cultured once in a while. Just makes me wish I could do such creative stuff......
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