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Last weekend, finally posted :) - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Last weekend, finally posted :)
ok so here goes my attempt at recounting the weekend. lj-cut for your viewing displeasure.

our story begins on Thursday. being the smart lad i am, i woke up early anticipating, for some ungodly reason, an early arrival by my family. "we'll be there between 8 and 9," my mother said. and so i was ready before 8:30 even showed its face, sitting here mindlessly with less than overwhelming anxiety at the long-ass car ride awaiting me. as the clock strikes...well, not 9, more like 8:52, mom calls. "we are still in twain harte, be ready by 11:30". ah, Kennedy time. that scientific phenomenon in which any set deadline of the clock will inevitably turn out to be well underestimated. what was i to do with this extra time on my hands? go buy black socks, thats what. eventually, the family showed up, we packed my stuff into the already stuffed car, and departed for nevada.

during my wait, my sister text messaged me (her new favorite pasttime) asking if lunch in reno was acceptable. and lunch in reno it was. my dad had his heart set on a casino buffet (i couldn't tell you why, frankly it was a bit distrurbing to see how excitable that prospect made him), but lo, we arrived too late, it being after 2pm and all the buffets being closed until dinner. we were forced to settle for Chevy's. after which, much gambling ensued, wherein my mom and sister walked away with just under $200 from playing quarter machines. the funny part to that is, my dad had sat at those exact same machines, but only played one quarter instead of 2, and the payout doesn't happen on just one coin. he hit it twice. so my mom and sister switched to those, thinking them to be a much better risk. they hit far too many 150 and 200 quarter pays. on about half a roll. verily we did leave reno before robbing it completely of its stores, but we would be back.

the trip then took us to mighty winnemucca, which some of you may remember from...driving through Nevada as fast as possible. the road from Reno to Winnemucca is impossibly bare, at least considering how little countryside i see on most days here in the suburbs. there is just nothing out there. however, we managed to be upon that road during dusk, which filled the sky with many blues and violets, and thus made the journey a bit more enjoyable (though how enjoyable any trip can be when one is stuck in the backseat of a mountaineer at my age is up for debate). we entered the small city after dark and took up our spots in a Best Western. it was a fine hotel for our meager needs. a trip to Arby's, where the girl at the counter was a bit on the mischevious side, for dinner concluded the events of the day. somehow sleep came to me, even though it was something like 10:30pm.

on Friday we awoke with little zest, having another long drive ahead of us but knowing that we had to get it out of the way. the muffin selection in the lobby quite simply sucked ass, so the decision was made to detour to McDonald's for some good old-fashioned cholesterol raising, the small orange juice reducing, at least for that day, the risk of heart disease. and off we went, notably amused by the local sherriff's monogrammed camaro low-rider, and through the speed trap out of town, towards Idaho. well, towards Oregon and then Idaho, as our road passed through the southeast corner of the beaver state. our presence went unnoticed. never have i seen so much empty space. i can't decide if i'm glad to be back in the city or realizing that the wide openness of that part of the country is what i really desire. anyway, i didn't get to drive yet. i just played navigator as we crossed one border, then time zones, then the other border.

our destination this time was none other than the Hilton Garden Inn, which put the previous evening's lodgings to shame. such luxury for so few dollars! (not that i really cared about the price, since mom and dad were paying...). it was quite soon after our arrival there that chris called me, to tell me of the success of his assigned mission, the aforementioned Operation Do Rowena. subsequently, we made contact with our cousin Sue, who was the primary force behind preparing the wedding of the following day, and instructed her to meet us at the hotel at approximately 5:30. it was 5:34 when she knocked on the door.

Sue got fuckin gorgeous. *ahem*

it was a little weird seeing her after about 9 years (the last time we were in Idaho was for the oldest cousin's wedding, so i guess in 9 years it will be Sue's turn), but she, her boyfriend Nick, Cathy & I made haste to the Olive Garden where we promptly requested seating for roughly 30 people, which was the expected size of the dinner party that eve. needless to say (but apparently i'm saying it anyway), we had to wait. not totally uncomfortable silence, but heck, i didn't even know Sue anymore, so I let my sister do most of the talking. presently, more from our party showed up, including the bride and groom in the flesh, toting along their almost 2-year-old twins, Kaleb and Kayla. i hadn't seen Keither either in the last near decade, up until the wedding invitation arrived with a picture of him and his fiancee, Shannon. i'll interrupt here for a short history of the family.

we first met our cousins in Idaho around 1986, taking our trusty Jeep and Apache trailer all the way up. back then they were still a family. about a year later, their dad, our Uncle Mike, was killed in a freak accident involving a hand grenade (the story of which i still don't really know all of). this left his wife alone with the 3 kids. over the next few years, they basically lived off of nothing, at one point living in a tent somewhere in the state. basically their childhood and adolescent years were terrible. both Keith and Sue got into some good trouble during that time, but nothing that has caused long-term damage. Keith actually spent some time in Juvenile hall for about 10 months after holding up a Circle K with a BB gun. we next saw them, as I said, about 9 years ago, when the oldest cousin, Valerie, got married. now for a while i didn't really hear anything at all about them. Val kept in touch with my mom, and that was our main source of news. now i'll continue with the story.

the first thing Keith noticed (actually, so did Sue) was that I had sprouted quite a bit, and i was now easily taller than both of them. a bit of small talk ensued, but me being the quiet type it didn't progress far. more people arrived and eventually our little gathering was finally called into the restaurant. we only had about 15 people at the most, but we had secured a whole section to ourselves. Cathy and i sat with Nick and Sue, while the rest of the family and friends took their places. we ended up waiting on my parents and grandparents, who were coming separately, and who predictably got lost on the way there. this, in spite of the fact that not one year ago my parents had been up to Idaho on a vacation and eaten at the very same restaurant! eventually they arrived and we finally got to order. i'd never been to the Olive Garden before, and i went with Tour of Italy as my dinner. not disappointing in the least, i will inform my readers. as is my wont (and an exceedingly curious habit, i suppose), i ordered milk with my meal instead of the wine or beer most others were consuming. thats just my way. we talked and laughed and generally had a good time, dropping the awkwardness and remembering how much we liked this part of the family =)

with dinner over, everyone departed and Nick drove us back to the hotel, with Sue telling us that they would be by about 11 the next morning to start preparing the wedding activities. you see, most of the arrangments had been made, but the task of readying the reception fell upon us 5 somewhat willing participants (the 4 of us and my mom). we slept easy that night as we had a long, LONG day ahead of us.

For breakfast the next day I consumed a rather hearty ham & cheese omelet, bolstered by excellent OJ and strawberry slices. as i was set to be laboring for the first part of the day, i felt it more prudent to bring along my dress clothes rather than wear them ahead of time, as Nick and Sue both did. (again, gorgeous). a couple trips to CostCo and WinCo (as well as Sue's truck to procure more rolls of film, bringing her total to 10) and we set off for The Bishop's House, a relic building from the time of the now-closed Idaho State Penetentiary. our job was to basically decorate and prepare the basement room as the reception area. i'll spare you the details to avoid being more long-winded than i already have been, but in the end i was more than satisifed with our performance.

realizing i have prolonged this entry far more than i intended to, i shall attempt to be brief in the remaining paragraphs. more people arrived for the wedding than were expected, and the area set aside for viewing the ceremony was quite cramped, with more people standing than sitting, it seemed. the wedding itself went wonderfully, even though the religious aspect of it was a bit on the heavy side for my tastes. we then spent close to an hour, i'm sure, getting things properly in order for the reception, bringing down the food and drink to the waiting guests. many people left soon after it started, what with the karaoke machine not being functional yet and the food selection being rather meager. this disappointed the new couple, but it didn't stand in the way of a good time. eventually the karaoke was up and running, the beer (there was a keg present, mind you) was flowing freely, and good times were had. i got to hear the bride's very attractive sister play a piece on the piano which i didn't recognize, but was quite moved by nonetheless. i drank a whole beer! i hung out with my cousin for the first time in forever, and met some new people.

in the end, we had to clean up the place, and had to part ways with the cousins. i knew our time there was well spent and special when Keith remarked to me outside loading stuff up, "its nice to have a cousin again." we are anticipating seeing them and the kids in a year or so, if they are able to make the trip. both Sue and Keith are doing really well, and all of us are so proud of how they've taken control of their lives after going through so much shit earlier in life. unfortunately, Val continues to have it rough, but we're hopeful she gets back on the right track (hearing it from the other 2, though, it isn't likely to happen). it was really great to see them and i hope we are able to more often in the future.

the trip back was basically in reverse, i got to drive in oregon and we ended up back in winnemucca, in the same damn rooms. drove home today with one exciting story. we were cruising along at 80mph (according to mom) when something rocked a back tire and we had to pull over to the side of the road. looking at the tire, it seemed the thing had totally blown out. once we got the wheel off, though, we saw what had really happened. the rim on the inside had actually fractured, separating the rim from the tire and letting all the air out. needless to say, we were lucky not to have had a more serious accident. my mom intends on writing Ford when she gets home =p

a few anecdotes:

*i read almost 2 full books on the trip, and picked up some more film/screenwriting/screenplay books for super cheap near boise.
*my dad continues to feel it necessary to comment on his absolute disgust toward homosexuality at every available opportunity. we were watching will & grace on thursday night and he left the room, saying "i don't watch shows that glorify homosexuals" followed soon after by the remark that its worse showing reruns in the evenings, when kids watch it and think its normal because according to dad "uh, its not". yesterday a buffy rerun was on, and in the 30 seconds we had it on the TV he felt compelled to remind me once again that he felt the lesbian storyline was far too prominent. i don't bother arguing with him.
*my cousin is hot.
*i'm now the only unwed male cousin in my family, on either side. there's only 3 of us to begin with, but now i'm really in for it.
*this entry is waaaaaaaaaay too long.

damn, that was like a book. please, set aside 10 minutes to read this entry.
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trick From: trick Date: April 3rd, 2003 07:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

can i meet your dad?


pretty please?

just picking up on the gay part. typical lesbian fashion.
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