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having no computer last night, i indulged myself with some reality… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
having no computer last night, i indulged myself with some reality TV. hey, i sat down to eat my dinner and The Bachelor was already on, ok? so i watched it, followed by All-American Girl, interspersed with several commercials for some new show called "Extreme Makeover".

where to begin?

first off, The Bachelor is one big fat joke of a show. i know they aren't comedies but damn if i wasn't laughing. whether it was the competitive spirit shown by some of the girls ("omg they were holding hands" "i'm sure she was holding HIS hand") or the difference in reaction when asked to take a rose at the end, i would be shocked if there was more than 3 girls on there that actually ARE looking to get married. you could pretty much discount the ones who asked his last name as gold diggers. what was funny was watching the end, when some girls who got a rose were genuinely happy, and others practically had "looking to get famous, not married" stamped on their foreheads.

i don't excuse the guy one bit. dude, trying to find a wife in this way? and damn, i couldn't believe how young some of them were. fuckin 21 year olds looking to get married? right. at least he only picked one not-attractive girl. the rest were pretty good choices, even though he was basing it almost entirely on appearances. gg to him.

All-American Girl. holy lord, who came up with this concept? thanks to this show, every young girl in the country and/or world now will try to be like the winner, thinking that they have to be some kind of super-person and be competent in a million different things, instead of just being themselves. i about died when going into one commercial break, the announcer actually said "but then, the laughter stops." like someone died or something. so pointless.

but they don't even begin to compare to the travesty that is sure to be "Extreme Makeover". where they spare no expense to make someone beautiful. holy shit (i need a synonym for that), how low does your self-esteem have to be for you to need to be on this show? BEAUTY IS NOT EVERYTHING. unfortunately its becoming more and more apparent that this is the only thing important to people, being beautiful. how sad. you don't have to even have to have talent in anything anymore, just be hot, or short of that, be in a position where you can BECOME hot, and we will worship you.

see, i don't want to leave the country because of the war, or politics, i want to leave because of stuff like this.
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hauntedlavender From: hauntedlavender Date: April 3rd, 2003 10:03 am (UTC) (Link)
i watched the last half of the bachelor. i couldn't even bring myself to watch american girl. even with 3 channels i knew there had to be something better on. it is horrible. watching those things makes me feel like shit. so, i try to avoid them. the extreme makeover show sounds like they're going way too far. everythings sex and hottness. sucks. oh well.
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