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yesterday was a long ass day. i tried to stay up friday night to… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
yesterday was a long ass day.

i tried to stay up friday night to work on my pagemaker assignments, but of course i failed and fell asleep. i woke up at 6am and came inside to work on them more. i left for class with most of 1 assignment done, thinking i only had to finish it and do the other one if i could.

so i get to class and look at the board and about turned around and left. not only did i have the 2 remaining assignments to do, but i had to do the final (which was handed out last week when i didn't go) AND this project she gave out weeks ago and everyone forgot about. so there i am frantically going through the final (thank god it was open book and just fill in the blank). got that done in about 50 minutes. finished the assignment i was working on, then decided with the remaining couple hours to do the project, since it was worth more than the last assignment. it was actually incredibly easy, we just had to show a little creativity.

so i had the teacher come grade my stuff and told her i didn't have the last assignment. she asked if i could have it done by monday and i'm like "uh yeah." see according to the syllabus everything had to be turned in by noon yesterday. i guess that wasn't entirely true, so today i have to do the last assignment and deliver it tomorrow. and i'll get an A almost guaranteed. hooray.

so after class i went off to Dynasty Music to get my ticket for the Amon Amarth show and maybe pick up a shirt or CD or something. i ended up with Nile's "In Their Darkened Shrines" which i've wanted for way too long, Sinister's "Creative Killings" which i didn't even know existed and features their female vocalist Rachel, and an Arch Enemy long sleeve, which sadly isn't quite big enough so i might try to return it. they had several other CDs there i wanted but i had to refrain from splurging. they'll still be there when i get paid again :p

i got home to find my dad at the house. apparently they had been trying to find me to go to this party thing i was supposed to attend. i didn't realize it was starting so early. long story short, i went over there, sat around, heard "i haven't seen you since you were this big" a couple times and signed my tax forms. i get about $640 back this year, wheeeee. independent filing rules. that should about cover my planned upgrades to my computer!

so after that was the show. Vehemence was first and i liked them better this time, the first time i saw them was the Summer Blasphemy Festival and i was not even paying attention. next was some band called Revenge and it sounded shitty so i read this zine a guy was passing out. not a terrible read, very professionally done as well. next was Behemoth, i watched their last few songs (i'm totally unfamiliar with them), not bad. but i'll be honest, i would have paid the $20 JUST for Amon Amarth, thats how badly i wanted to see them. so after Behemoth was done i started moving up towards the stage in anticipation. the cool thing was that they didn't switch out the drum kit, just removed a tom and moved the cymbals around. makes it go way faster in between sets. so they finally get set up and Johan jumps on stage and they start right into "Death In Fire" the leadoff track from the latest record. setlist was as follows:

Death In Fire
Bleed for Ancient Gods
Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
Last of Pagan Blood
Masters of War
Versus the World
For the Stabwounds in Our Backs
Victorious March

i'm pretty sure that was the order. as you can see, half the setlist was from the new album, which i can't complain about because i fuckin love it. i wish they had played one more from "Once Sent..." but oh well. i also need to buy The Crusher, the song from that was the only one i didn't know by heart so i felt a little silly.

me and the guy next to me were way into it, headbanging like mad and thrusting the horns in time with the songs. he was better than me though because he knew a lot of the words, whereas i only knew some. the only complaint i had was that i couldn't hear Olli's leads a lot of the time - whether that was due to my proximity to Johan S or the sound itself i don't know. its ok though because i heard all the leads in my head :D

after their set i went back and bought a t-shirt from Johan who was manning their merch table and told him how i'd been waiting 4 years to see them play. then i left.

went to bed sometime after 2. damn that show ruled.


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