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not dead. well, I'm not, but our internet at home basically is. the… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
not dead. well, I'm not, but our internet at home basically is. the last week was absolute crap, super slow loading pages, unplayable ping for CS. so i called comcast yesterday (as they are taking over at&t's cable service) and i talked to a guy (ended up being at&t still, meh). he used the information i gave him to determine that "there seems to be a problem with the line going into your area". whatever the hell that means. so a guy is supposed to come out on tuesday afternoon to check it out. whoopie.

so i've still got no internet until then at the earliest. now, granted, internet is not life. but i'm the co-captain of my cs clan and i like to be kept in the loop, and its weak to only be able to do that at work. that, or i could hit up a LAN center in sacramento if needed. and i can't download any demos!!! WTF. ahem.

found out this morning that the Amon Amarth show (yeah, there's like 4 other bands but i really don't care, i wanna see AA) is Sunday night, not Saturday which means it won't conflict with this birthday party for the husband of an old friend of my mom's. which kinda sucks, because it would have been nice to have an excuse to leave. my dad can't come down so i'm my mom's date. the guy is turning 60, so i can only assume everyone there will be at least twice my age. WHEEEEEEEE that should be loads of fun. </sarcasm>

also heard about a tour in the works that has the potential, on paper, to destroy any tour that has ever been - the Metal Gods North American tour, organized by Halford himself, and set to feature no less than Halford, Testament, Symphony X, Immortal, Carnal Forge, Amon Amarth, and Dark Tranquility. are you fuckin kidding me? there is not one band on that list that i'd want to miss if this tour comes together. its not supposed to hit the west coast until early summer i think, but it would be worth the wait.

since i have no internet, i went to Borders and got some books. i caved and got the last 3 books of the most recent Drizzt series because i love those characters, even though Salvatore's writing has lost a few steps since i started reading him years ago. i also got another Alexandre Dumas book, Twenty Years After, the sequel to The Three Musketeers. After that is s trilogy of books concerning the same characters for the most part, but I'll get those as i get to them.

also did some minor cleaning of my room. just moving all the empty and near-empty boxes from the carpet back to the tile made a huge difference. and stacking up the mound of cds that was on the floor from when my steel rack collapsed. i tried to get it strapped to the wall but im' not having much luck. so i want a different solution to my storage problem.

finally, movies i've seen lately, mostly on dvd because i haven't seen much in theaters recently. i borrowed 3 movies from Chris, "Vanilla Sky", "Boondock Saints" and "The Gift". so far i've watched the first two. Vanilla Sky threw me for a loop - i'm pretty sure i understood it, it was just fuckin weird. might have to re-watch. yay for Jason Lee getting cool parts.

Boondock Saints, on the other hand, was SO GREAT. i had heard about it before, but hadn't invested a lot of effort into seeing it. so glad i borrowed it. for one, Troy Duffy, who wrote and directed it, is a fan of Guy Ritchie, that much is obvious. whether its the storytelling style in which we see the present scene followed by what actually happened to bring us there, or the slow motion shots accompanied by trance music, its a worthy addition to the style. but this movie is worth seeing for Sean Patrick Flannery's performance alone. some might say he overdoes it, but i simply think he made it believable and real. its an intense, gritty movie that is also light-hearted. a sequel is in the works and i hope it lives up to the standard set here. i'm going to buy this one soon. it has total re-watch value as well.

that should bring us all up to speed. any questions should be directed to our toll-free hotline.
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From: thereforeiam Date: March 18th, 2003 08:21 am (UTC) (Link)
We have 7 computers here. We should have a LAN party. hehe
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