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ok, so that last post was mostly a joke. i am aware that its… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
ok, so that last post was mostly a joke. i am aware that its complete lack of insights to my existence has been a stunning blow to each and every one of you who are practically addicted to reading about my life. fear not, for immediately following this incredibly lame introduction, i shall depart unto you information of the utmost secrecy...except that you can tell anyone you want.

i continue to loathe, despise, abhor etc. this daily routine where i get paid a small sum in return for never-ending thankless services. some of you might call it a job. i'm so sick of mine. my boss is just looking for an excuse to fire me, i know it. i spent all last week working my ass off but i'm sure the first thing i'll hear today is "have you taken care of those things i asked you to?" then i'll say no i was pretty busy last week. then i'll get the look.

my classes are simple and im' going to ace them both. no word on sonoma state yet. i'm still ridiculously single and my immediate plans for the future include staying that way. not by choice, mind you.

there need to be like..centers..for people like me. places i can go to meet my own kind. or something.

seriously, how many metalhead geeks do you know? female metalhead geeks? attractive female metalhead geeks?

but i digress.

there is seriously not much going on in my life. its weird. its like i feel there is something i'm supposed to be doing, but then i realize, nope this is really all i have to do. i'm spending my free time getting serious about competitive cs. we'll see how far that goes. and i'm reading a lot!

why do you keep reading this, sheesh. i can't even come up with witty one-liners anymore, my life is so devoid of interesting events.
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From: ex_consequen376 Date: March 3rd, 2003 10:26 am (UTC) (Link)

     Jen's a female metalhead geek.

     I would've imagined that you'd find some at concerts. Try checking for them at Power Metal concerts. Surely some of the chicks there will be some Tolkein worshipping geeks. :p
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