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so last night couldn't have gone much better, which is always nice to… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
so last night couldn't have gone much better, which is always nice to report.

i got out of town around 7:15, after getting money and food, and headed for SF and The Pound. the first thing that went my way was that the traffic i expected to see - because there's always traffic on friday night going into the city - wasn't really there. i never had to slow down except for the toll booth. it was grand.

the next thing that went well was that i got into the club mere minutes before Kataklysm went on stage, which was perfect. all i wanted to do was get there right before they started, and i did! :)

Kataklysm totally rocked, and i wanted to buy Shadows & Dust right there, but i couldn't find the merch tables anywhere, so nuts. anyway they were a total blast.

THEN a good thing happened because the set change between them and Dying Fetus took like 10 minutes, instead of the 20-30 i'm accustomed to at shows. they did their sound check and were ready to go, it was so cool. (by the way, the sound at the Pound is fuckin great). Dying Fetus totally destroyed, because their music is tailor-made for live shows. Kataklysm is a better band musically speaking, but not as fun to watch in concert. they played like 3 songs off the new album coming out in May, and a few from Killing on Adrenaline, which I have. wheeeee. damn Chris should have been there, they played his favorite death metal song hahaha.

then i drove home without too much incident. stopped in Fairfield for some caffiene and got the worst pepsi EVER. i don't actually remember passing the last exit before mine so i hope i wasn't asleep. anyway.

only thing that would have made it better was having someone to go with. meh. the show rocked.


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