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I guess I should also mention that i bought a Nomade Zen on friday… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I guess I should also mention that i bought a Nomade Zen on friday night. i know, its a big expense and i'm supposed to be saving, but this is one time where i'm going to say "shove it" to you people who are saying "tsk tsk" because damn i have been in need of portable music for far too long, and now i don't have to worry about getting anything else for YEARS. i think i can fill up about 60% of this 20gb bastard with every cd i own. besides i went to the grocery store last night so i don't spend so much damn money on food at work. lunches from home rule!

so far i think i got about 20-24 cds ripped and transferred. (oh i should mention i got that ubs 2.0 version which i didn't know existed...for about $50 less than i expected). i'm hoping to do a chunk every day or something. it will be so nice to be riding along and go "hm i'd really like to lisetn to When the RIver Dragon Comes, hey, i think i will !!!!"

so yeah.
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