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Quick & Dirty movie reviews. Men in Black II: The plot just sucked.… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Quick & Dirty movie reviews.

Men in Black II: The plot just sucked. It was so...pointless, and lent itself to much less amusing antics. Maybe they just can't top Giant Cockroach in Edgar Suit, I dunno, but damn come on writers. That said, I did think there were some genuinely funny parts. The one I laughed the most at was when J had 30 seconds before the girl got launched or blown up or something, and was trying to free himself of a tangle of giant rubber hoses. It was outright comical based purely on the physicality. "30 seconds...*struggle struggle*....25 seconds....*still struggling*..."

The worm guys were amusing too, as in the case of getting off the elevator. "Can't move...too scared" and "Away from the bullets? OK"

A disappointing sequel overall.

Reign of Fire: Not really sure what it offers to anyone except horny teenage girls who get to see Matthew Mc-whats his name and Christian Bale shirtless and ripped. The dragons made too few appearances for not enough time, there were FAR too many parts that just dragged, and the climax was rather anti-climactic. Oh, you killed my mom you big beastie, I'm going to shoot an explosive arrow in your mouth. I win. It was just over too soon. Not reommended.
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suffocated From: suffocated Date: January 28th, 2003 08:07 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: *sigh*

now you know i think highly of your opinion, lauren, but i honestly can't figure out how your comment is related to my post. i didn't mention anything about looking for meaning or having those movies speak to me, i just didn't think either one was particularly the impressive.

american pie 2 was just entertaining. confessions of a dangerous mind was a fantastically made movie.

neither of these two that i reviewed offered much in the way of entertainment, or begged to be watched again. :\ i'm big on stories in a movie, and if a story is stupid and/or executed poorly in my humble opinion, it tends to drag everything down. what can i say, i'm a harsh critic.
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