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having difficulties getting my college transcripts in order. kids,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
having difficulties getting my college transcripts in order. kids, pay attention. this is the reason NOT to attend 3 or 4 different schools in pursuit of a degree. don't be stupid like me and go to a fancy expensive school just because they accepted you, even though you have no real idea what you plan to major in. because my sac state transcripts only record my transferred units, not grades, i have to ask berkeley to send my transcripts from THEIR school as well in order to find out my actual, cumulative college GPA. since i didn't do that badly there (by my standards), it should be enough to crest the *sigh* 2.0 minimum i need to get into sonoma state. however...this all has to be done before friday. so, today i get to spend close to $30 to get a transcript overnighted to crc just so i can apply on time...who knows if i'll get accepted or not. i was trying to figure out the way they calculate it all morning...man is it screwy. i figured it out finally, but since i can't even remember what classes i took at berkeley i can't offer a guess yet on what the number will end up looking like. i had 17 units the second semester there but i can only recall 3 of the classes i had. give me a break, it was 5 years ago.

i miss berkeley. i wanna go back. :(
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