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its practically prophetic somehow. it started out as any other night… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
its practically prophetic somehow.

it started out as any other night - well, any other night which included the first night of the first ever Sacramento Metal Meltdown. i hit the venue around 5:30, as my car is seemingly about to sputter and die on me. the lights were dimming constantly and the radio had started shorting out on the highway. but i made it and figured i'd worry about it later. saw about 6 bands i think, had one hot dog, one soda, and one coughing fit. left around midnight because i just couldn't handle any more..or something. got in my car and got as far as the highway turnoff before the car flat out died. some kind of electrical problem. no charge or something. called AAA, requested a jump just so i could try and get home and then take it from there. guy comes out, takes a look, says i have loose connections. he cleans off the positive terminal, puts it back on and tells me to start it. it starts. we go our merry ways. 100 feet later it is getting ready to die, lights are dimming rapidly. i pull over and run back to the gas station where i had been. he's gone. great.

so i call AAA again. tell them the situation. (thank god my battery was charged). they say he'll be back shortly. so i wait and wait. he comes off the highway and turns away from me instead of coming across the intersection. i think fine he'll turn around. he turns left at the light a block down and vanishes. i wait 5-10 minutes wondering what the hell happened. i get a call from AAA. his truck got hit by a car.


its seriously because i'm unlucky. so anyway, they say they're sending another truck. i wait foreeeeeeeeeeeever for him to show up, and in the meantime i see 4 CHPs, 2 crime scene unit vehicles, and 1 ambulance with no lights/siren. that kinda freaked me out. mostly because i saw them all in about 4 minutes' time. finally the guy shows up, but he turns right too and disappears. i'm like wtf how hard is this. they call me AGAIN saying ok he's very close. finally he shows up and after proceeding to beat the shit out of my positive terminal to make it a good connection, i jump off his battery and it starts. he starts to drive off. i sit there pressing my gas pedal and watching my headlights dim when i do. i do it a few more times - he's braked at the next intersection watching this - and the car dies again. he backs up and gets prepared to tow it.

i'm like wtf is wrong with this thing. ok yeah it turns 15 next month. gg car loan.

he tows it here and i come inside wondering wtf to do now. my parents are gonna be in town tomorrow for the 3 day weekend. great. i need a new car. something that will last me about 2 years. if that takes a small loan then so be it. i'm not spending more to fix this car than its worth. :(

to sum up, i bring misfortune and bad luck to things i do. so avoid me.
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trick From: trick Date: January 18th, 2003 11:08 am (UTC) (Link)
take it to a pep boys.
did you just havae the battery replaced?
i had the same thing happen with my car--it was a 15 year old pos, but hell, it got me places, and it turned out that the dipshits had fucked up when they replaced the battery...everything got fixed for free...and even at that, i was under the impression that it would have been cheap to fix anyway.
seriously, it was the exact same thing...i had a cop pull over and try to give me a jump...and luckily he checked the cables first, because otherwise it woulda been a mess. as it was, he got a nice little shock and sparks were flying everywhere.
i swear, i bet he thought i'd made the whole thing up.
but not five minutes later i'm back on the freeway and the car is dying. headlights dimming, radio out.
pulled over again, sat around for about half an hour, then the car started fine.
for every half hour i sat around, i could drive for 5-10 minutes.
so i got it to a pep boys.
in five minute spurts.

it had something to do with the connection between the alternator and the battery, and they had screwed it up when they changed the battery (like a week or two before that happened).

anyway. just saying don't give up before you know if it's a $5 or a $5000 problem.
and guys from AA tend to be dipshits anyway.
suffocated From: suffocated Date: January 18th, 2003 12:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
verrrry interesting. thank the closest pep boys is a good 20 minutes away :p we'll see what i can do.

oh, and "i had a cop pull over and try to give me a jump". does lauren know about this??!!? hehehe

but seriously thanks for the info cass, you rawk.
trick From: trick Date: January 18th, 2003 06:55 pm (UTC) (Link)


yesh, she's heard the story...basically one of those *i'm a teenager out past curfew somewhere i shouldn't be...PLEASE let me get home in one piece* situations. happened a few years ago...
but happened in the car you rode in not so long ago.
sad to say, that car has traveled to the big junkyard in the sky...

3 pity screws or Do me