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so onto the stuff i wanted to discuss upon my return. i figure since… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
so onto the stuff i wanted to discuss upon my return. i figure since i have returned, its a good time to get to it.

*why christmas is an obstacle
what i meant is that christmas basically brings the celebrating world to a complete halt while we stress about trees and presents and christmas cards to people we never otherwise speak to. its like i have to put my whole life on hold just to accomodate this ridiculous holiday, and then wait wait to get back to my regularly scheduled life. the "holidays" seem to extend further and further every year. soon it will start at the beginning of the month and end in february.

*why christmas is lame
mostly for the simple reason that people are actually bigger assholes to each other during christmas than during the rest of the year, which is hugely ironic considering the whole "merry" and "happy" and "goodwill to man" crap floating around all the time. nobody cares at all what this holiday might have meant at some point. my guess would be that there are less and less church services christmas eve than ever before because people are running to the mall to get their whiny brats crap they don't need and didn't deserve. if i had it my way, christmas would be abolished altogether. i dont understand why its ok - no wait, why its expected of people to buy presents for other people this one day out of the year. what does that celebrate exactly? yay capitalism. parents probably like it because they never see their kids otherwise. define circus.

*why the bond franchise is dead*
i saw "Die Another Day" last week and well....it just doesn't have the punch anymore. Bond is dead. its unfortunate. but in the days of major action sequences and ridiculous fight scenes, the simple punching antics of the Bond Baddies is rather...boring. there were a couple fun sequences, like the 2 super cars driving around on ice, and the fight while dodging the laser of death, but action movies today are above and beyond bond. which leaves it to the story, which quite frankly hasn't been good for a long time. bond movies are getting lamer story-wise. so THEN it falls to the characters/acting, and while its up to par, its nothing special. bond movies just aren't interesting anymore, so they either need a major overhaul or they need to call it a day.

*why alexandre dumas > all

i read The Count of Monte Cristo and now i'm on The Three Musketeers and i love love love Dumas' style of writing. its like he's talking to the reader, because after a lengthy narrative, he'll step back and address the reading audience, possibly answering any questions or concerns they might have at the moment. its total genius as far as i'm concerned. for example:

when introducing a character, he might say something like "we'll go ahead and describe him to the reader now, since we will be meeting him many more times in the near future." its so informal at times, i guess, is what makes it totally different from most novels. i can't wait to read more of his stuff.

yeah that pretty much covers it. i'm so bored and not doing anything lately.

i have to make a big decision soon. :\
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