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I return home with a heavy heart. I spent the entire drive home… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I return home with a heavy heart. I spent the entire drive home listening to one song on repeat. I guess I must have heard it like 25 times. Demons & Wizards' "Fiddler on the Green" which is my most favoritest song ever because Hansi's voice is practically angelic and you never got to hear that song.

I almost got into an accident too. I drove blind on the freeway for about 2 seconds, without a seatbelt. I was trying to put on a hooded sweatshirt in the car while I was driving, but when I yanked it over my head, the hood fell down in front of my face and I couldn't find the opening. I panicked and pulled it back off, only to find myself straddling the lane divider and a guy in the left lane going onto the shoulder honking at me.

I decided at that point to get off the highway and securing warmth before continuing the trek.

You wanna know how my Thanksgiving went, huh? Oh, you don't. Well too bad. There were about 7 people that I never met before at ours - turns out one lady with her 3 kids was just a friend of someone, and another guy who nobody introduced us to was my new aunt's brother-in-law, who is deaf and can't speak. He eats a lot, though.

Post-thanksgiving, I got to listen to my mom and grandmother start in on the criticisms. I can't believe how much energy they waste on that. About how this person does that wrong, and why that person acts this way. Blah blah blah neverending, without any constructive discussion. The reason it bugged me is because I also met the granddaughter of my grandma's.....male companion ( I can't say grandma's boyfriend, its too weird). She's 15 and apparently not a real bright shining star. Well, I kept her occupied for a while playing cards. I heard my mom and grandma talking about her later - I guess she tends to flirt with anything that moves. I'll spare the details, but it seemed to me that it was pretty obvious where the problem was. The girl wants positive attention, but nobody gives it to her, so she gets negative attention. Instead of trying to help fix this, my mom and grandma just keep commenting on her behavior. Man that annoyed me.

I saw The Santa Clause 2 while I was in Fresno, which was better than the first and supremely funny. Good good writing. I also got to visit Barnes & Noble, which is like my Mecca. If I spend too long in there, my brain starts to hurt. There is so much I want to read, but I only conned mom into getting me one book, about the Holy Grail legend. I want books for Christmas. Lots of books.

Before I forget, something odd I would look for in a girl is to not think me crazy for wanting to read War & Peace for fun. So its 1100 pages, big deal.

Anyway, I spent most of the rest of the time watching movies and reading and being nervous. And topped it off with a fateful visit that will probably bring about some change in my life. But I'm not going to get into it here, because I don't want to, and I'd rather have her just think neutrally of me still than actually disliking me.

Just....know that I'll be sad for a while.

*end transmission*
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From: ex_consequen376 Date: December 2nd, 2002 07:17 am (UTC) (Link)

Those driving moments when you realize that you were about to blatantly cause a major accident are quite invigorating. I've had more of those than I'd ever care to. Not that there've been a lot, although three or so are enough.
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