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so this is the dilemma i find myself facing. i'm not going to have… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
so this is the dilemma i find myself facing.

i'm not going to have any medical insurance whatsoever when i turn 24 in six months. this had necessitated my looking for a full-time job with benefits so i could take care of myself. however, if i ever want to graduate, i need to take more than one night class per semester. i need to be able to take day classes. a full-time job does not allow that. yes, there are possibilities of being able to come in late or stay late, but thats the exception, not the rule. since i can only take whats offered, and that range is pretty small now, i have to set my schedule around school, not vice versa. if i have to take an 11am class because it isn't offered at any other time, thats the way it has to be.

this leaves me with two options...well three but the third is to keep taking a few units here and there and hope i have a degree before i'm 30. i don't like that option. i want to get it over with. the first option is to find a night job, which enables me to use the day for classes. i dont know how many of those there are, or how i would adapt to a schedule like that. if i worked nights i would only do it if there were benefits involved, otherwise its just not worth it. the second option is to work part time, if at all possible being able to work weekends to make up for a couple weekdays i used for classes. but most likely having to just work like 25-30 hours a week. and as far as i know, that would be un-benefitted.

the problem occurs when you take into account that i'm going to need 3 semesters of full time school to achieve the degree. (English, being that degree). 3 semesters of working part time without medical insurance. its funny how it works out; i'll have less money anyway from not working as much, and i'll have to face the prospect of an independent insurance payment. i don't know if that is a smart thing to do. i'm just running out of possibilities.

the other thing is, if i take any longer than 2 years (won't be able to start the full time school until summer at least since i missed application period for spring), my car might not survive. its 14 now. this new car my dad is talking about could really help me out, but it might be pointless if my car dies before i graduate.

there is also the consideration of where to do this degree. i can't live here forever. in fact, i probably can't live here past the end of the summer. i really won't have started back yet, and i'll have to move out. that means i'm not defaulted to going back to sac state. if i have to move out anyway, i can at least consider going to sonoma state. the rent prices for apartments in the santa rosa area aren't that bad. i just have a bad feeling about going to sac state again. i want a change. yes, its only 3 semesters, but they also have an interesting english program at sonoma state. there is a creative writing concentration that sac state doesn't have.

so what i could do is, just do unemployment until january, go back to parks and work less until summer, take a few classes that would help me at crc, apply to sonoma state and see if i get in (i guess that isn't automatic anymore :\ ), move to santa rosa, go to school and work part time there and hope that i don't contract meningitis. since i won't be able to cover the cost of my contact lenses, much less something actually bad.

why is it that when you make more money working, you don't have to spend as much? you work full time, you dont have to spend as much on contacts and dentist appointments. you work part time, you're fucked.

december 2004 i graduate in english and there is much rejoicing, i get a new car and put the nissan to sleep, then set out to make my mark.

i guess it could happen. *shrug*
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trick From: trick Date: November 19th, 2002 07:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
maybe take a look at ups?
(i'm not sure about fed ex...but i know the deal for ups is:)
you work shit hours, get semi-crappy but livable pay. your job sucks 'cuz it's really really physical. BUT you get FULL benefits, no copay, night and weekend hours, and they only offer part time work.
a thought.
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