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Rented Blade II and Brotherhood of the Wolf tonight. Blade II review… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Rented Blade II and Brotherhood of the Wolf tonight.

Blade II review is simple. It was fucking bloody. And not cartoony gory like the first one. This movie was more horror than action at times. Ewwwww, creepy super vampire things. But still cool, good fight scenes of course. Lots of extras to watch tomorrow...or whenever.

Brotherhood of the Wolf, you may not remember. It was released in theaters several months back, but as far as I know didn't do so hot. Well, now I know why. Its a French movie that was dubbed into English and then marketed as some actiony/Matrix-style/crouching period piece, hidden costume design thing. Absolutely terrible way to promote this movie. See, I have a big problem with going into a movie released at large here (not in independent theaters) and then seeing it has been dubbed into English. Thats low. I'm sure a lot of people told their friends about that and nobody saw it.

Their loss. Once I turned on the French and English subtitles, and watched it as it was intended to be watched, it was a fairly good movie. Lots of action, yes, but also interesting stuff about French history (true or not, I don't know), and I'm a sucker for stuff set in Europe a couple centuries ago. The whole point of the title was a bit odd, maybe I'll explain later. Rather pointless love story IMO. Cute redhead though. Recommended.
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