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Me and Life, Pt. II - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Me and Life, Pt. II
Life: Hahahahahaha, foolish one, you thought I was done meddling with you.

Me: Hit me with your best shot.

Life: You're fired. Ok, well, not really, but you're out of a job! How do you like that, sucker?

Me: Well....you know what, I didn't like that job anyway, so eh. I get unemployment, $150 a week!

Life: Hrm, interesting. You'll need it though, because nobody wants to hire you. Assumedly you have noticed this by now.

Me: Yeah, well. They all suck anyway. I'm going to get famous with a screenplay anyway.

Life: Not without some inspiration and/or motivation.

Me: Damn you.

Life: Oh, and that Bre thing? That was my doing.

Me: That isn't over yet! No fair taking credit for something left unresolved.

Life: That's why I saved the best for last. Remember that "plan" you concocted a couple months ago? The one about saving money and getting out of debt? Yeah, so much for that.

Me: *sigh*

[end dialogue]

really, i just want one god damn thing to go right.
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