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It figures that I draft a good fantasy team and everyone on it has… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
It figures that I draft a good fantasy team and everyone on it has their shittiest year ever. Continue the terrible luck I've been having.

Yes, I know its just fantasy football, but its a competition, and I don't want to just blow it off as trivial because of that.

I get Kurt Warner, who has his worst 3 1/2 weeks of football ever before brreaking a finger.
I have Jerome Bettis "The Bus" who can't do shit on the ground this year.
I have Eddie George, who is great at times, invisible at others.
I have David Boston, the prototype for all NFL receivers, but hey, he's in Arizona. He should still be catching 10 balls a game. Good game plan, coach.

The rest of the list - Kerry Collins, having a better year than Warner; Antonio Freeman, who I picked up as a free agent and had one outstanding game; Donte Stallworth....who is fast; Eric Moulds, who I keep underestimating and need to start every week; Antwain Smith, who doesn't get the ball anymore thanks to New England's passing game; Frank Wycheck, who is one of the better tight ends, but is no Tony Gonzalez; Mike Anderson, who has somehow lost his starting job in Denver; Martin Gramatica....who is a kicker; and the Saints and Browns defenses, who one week are ball hawks and the next week give up 26 points to Detroit.

I'm going to go pick up Joey Harrington while Warner gets better.
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