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The girls rented A Walk To Remember last night and said I had to… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
The girls rented A Walk To Remember last night and said I had to watch it. What follows is my opinion.

If you're not familiar with it, its singer Mandy Moore playing little innocent girl who falls for bad boy and gets him to change, but not necessarily in that order. Thats basically the plot. I'm not sure where to start with how inane it all was.

Basically, as the movie went on, I kept throwing my hands into the air at how ludicrous it was. The bad boy changed his demeanor practically over night, for no particular reason, only to find that Mandy Moore's character (daughter of the town preacher, Mr. Strict) has LEUKEMIA. WTF!! That was so stupid, the movie could have ended up just fine without all the crap they threw in. There was some point about her having this list of things to do before she dies, which of course she does, which is why the list was even relevant. So Mr. Wonderful (ex-Mr. Bad Boy) sets out to help her accomplish them all. Guess what #1 is? Getting married in the same church her parents did. Yeah, nevermind that they're like 17, or that she's going to be dead in a few months. LETS GET MARRIED!!!!!! I guess my problem is that I'm cynical, and this movie has too much of a "love conquers all" type thing going on. Like, lets not worry about consequences of anything, we're in love. The dialogue was so banal, and the story so contrived. I hope the book its based on wasn't so terrible. Keira made a good point about the main character being a good example for the fanbase typical of Mandy Moore, sticking with her beliefs, that kind of thing. Its just that for me, that was so lost in the stupidity of the movie, and the movie has to come first. The greatest message is useless if the movie containing it is a piece of shit.


Also finished watching Signs last night. That movie freaked me out. A couple things I would have done differently, but hey I'll get my chance when I'm writing scripts in Hollywood. Muahahahahahaha.

End movie reviews.

Keira is really cute.
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gorewhore From: gorewhore Date: September 26th, 2002 09:21 am (UTC) (Link)
that movie is totally GAY
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