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Whew, what a weekend. OMG I actually did stuff. Saturday we moved… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Whew, what a weekend. OMG I actually did stuff.

Saturday we moved stuff out of Peter's room so the people could come and carpet it. Also, after helping Eddie's mom with a couple things, I took the opportunity to throughly clean my car. I cleaned all the shit out from inside, then got my little mini-vac and after cleaning THAT out (EWWWWW), I vacuumed the floors of my car. W00t. Then I gave it the washing it has been needing for waaaaay too long. It looked like a new - well, newer car. At some point during this, I went and got a new battery for the car, too. So thats the alternator and battery both replaced in a week's time. Put that in and started it up and voia la, a working vehicle. Hooray for me. So, its like 3pm, and we have to go pick up the girls from the bus station at 3:30pm. The girls being the two 18 year old Australian girls out on a 5 month excursion all over the world, Kira and Louise. I like Kira, that way. She's got red hair and I make her laugh. :) We were under the impression they would be leaving again on Sunday, but they said they booked their next ticket for Friday, a whole week! Sweet! So Saturday was spent entertaining them, first by hanging out here and talking for a couple hours, then going out to eat at Chevy's. That was quite the experience. Eddie & I convinced them to get fajitas, which they did, only to have these chicken flauta things brought to our table, and the waitress claiming that they in fact ordered those, even pointing it out on the menu. The four of us were trying to make her understand that no, they ordered these, way over here on THIS side of the menu. Between the Aussie and Hispanic accents I'm not sure how it ever got resolved. :p What I think happened was, the waitress put in the order, then put it into the register, and rang it up incorrectly. My proof for that is that the fajitas for the girls showed up in about 2 minutes. Like they had been cooked for them all along. But this waitress would not back down. Damn. What a bitch. After that, we came home and watched The Count of Monte Cristo. All went to bed after that.

Today was less busy. We took the girls to Old Sacramento, which was disappointing. Kira expected it to be like on the postcard, which portrays a much more old-time environment. Evangeline's was, of course, the highlight. I don't know, I guess its just not all its cracked up to be. We came home because Eddie had to go meet with a prospective customer for his Photoshop services, which left me to entertain the girls for a while. How did I accomplish that? By telling them to go find a movie to watch, muahahaha. Actually, it was their idea. I finally got to see Serendipity all the way through, which was disappointing at the end. I didn't like the climax. Then we watched Pitch Black, but I only saw about a third, as I went out to grill up the teryaki chicken for dinner. My chicken was perfect, if a little dry. Cooked just the right amount. Woohoo. Had dinner, watched TV, let the girls jump on the computers to do some emailing (apparently they do have that in Australia). I took a drive for about an hour and sang to Nevermore loudly. At a stoplight, while Sound of Silence was on, the girl in the car next to me screamed "ROCK 'N' ROLL!!!!!!" at me as I headbanged. It was amusing, but a bit embarassing. I had to put in The Hurricane for the girls before I left, since they don't know how to work the Xbox, hehe, and now....well its nearly time for sleep. We are hoping that I can get Tuesday off from work and take a day trip to Tahoe. With class two nights this week, I won't have that much time to spend with them. I have vacation available. I hope I get called about that job tomorrow. We shall see.

That was the weekend. Ta da. I will have pictures of the girls soon.
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