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Finally, a moment to post. The last week has been nuts. Last… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Finally, a moment to post. The last week has been nuts.

Last Wednesday, I decided on a whim to apply/register for classes at a junior college nearby. Nothing major, just two classes, six units - a fiction writing class and a film class, about Film Noir and the Thriller. So, just creative type stuff, nothing too demanding, but its school; AND, the most important part, it allows me to keep my job. You see, the afternoon of that same day, my boss brought me into the back room to tell me that I would have to be let go at the end of the month since they would be asking for verification of being a student soon. I was able to tell him that I don't have to leave because I will be a student this semester. Yes, I am still looking for a new job, because I need benefits and no stupid limit on my hours, but at least I'm not under a really close deadline.

So Friday I took off from work to take care of school stuff, and also because I wanted to leave in the early afternoon for the Summer Blasphemy Festival in SF. I paid for my classes and my parking, went and got most of the books for my whopping two classes, and went to the bank. I am like out of checks and had to order some more. I spent 3 years at the apartment, and the entire time my checks had my grandparents' address on them. Heh. It was never a problem, either. I've had so many temporary addresses that I forget them all anyway. So I left at 2:30 for the show, and I swear the traffic going into the bay was worse than 4 weeks ago when I was at the same venue, and left an hour later. Whatever. The recording said the doors opened at 4:30, well that was almost right. I'll say 5pm. Of course, practically nobody was there yet. There was a band playing, but after a song they stopped and left the stage, leaving all their gear up there. Then a guy comes on the PA and announces that the first band had to cancel, so the show won't start until 6pm. Oh goody, I get to wait a fucking hour, alone, inside waiting for this shit to start, and they are playing ass music on the house system. Eventually they put on some Dissection and At the Gates, but not enough. So finally its 6pm, and Purgatory's Gate (local) starts to play. They were ok. I won't listen to them again intentionally. So they take off their stuff, and the next band starts to set up. Well, the drummer does. Just the drummer. Then the drummer leaves the stage. The stage is empty for 10 or 15 minutes, no joke. Then suddenly the rest of the band appears with some lame ass apology. I couldn't hear what the vocalist said because their fucking stupid guitar player would play a chord whenever he started talking. God damn that was annoying. They played like 3 songs and left. If it was me, I would have said "sorry guys you aren't ready, we're moving onto the next band". Whatever. The next band was um....Phobia I think. They sucked too. Finally a band people had actually heard of came on, Vehemence. They were cool, but my brain had been on overdrive all night and I felt like going home. During the set, while the drummer was replacing his kick pedal, the vocalist named off the other bands scheduled to play, and he named Decapitated first, so I made the decision that if Decapitated was indeed next up, I would stay, and then leave after their set. If they weren't, well, I guess I would miss them.

Thank god Decapitated was up next. Those boys are amazing on stage. Listening to them on record is one thing, but seeing them play those songs is pretty amazing, considering their age. Funny story of the night....well not funny but anyways. The boys from Decapitated were out in the crowd all night, watching other bands, getting lots of beer, and talking to the fans who actually spoke to them. I, however, was not one, because I chickened out. During Vehemence's set, 3 of them were literally standing in front of me, and I couldn't think of anything to say. Oh well. No pictures either. :(

So I left about 10pm when they were finished up. Oh, I should mention that they closed with a cover of Mandatory Suicide with Vehemence's vocalist doing guest vocals with Sauron. That was uber sweet. So anyway I went home after that, stopped at Denny's yet again for dinner. Didn't fall asleep like usual on the drive home.

Saturday, I seemed to have ants in my pants. I started moving stuff out of the apartment. I went over to Eddie's house to make some room in the office, and then we decided we'd just start bringing stuff down right away. So thats what we did all weekend. My bedroom still has a few things in it, but all the furniture is out of it, along with a bunch of boxes. Hopefully I can finish it up this week. Also have to find a cell phone deal and get that started so I can cancel the phone line there and so I don't have to use Eddie's number for my own. I don't want to bug them with all my ladies calling me :p. Next weekend will probably be spent cleaning out the apartment in the back, and before the month is over I want to have everything of mine out of the apartment in Sac. Only a month after it got full. Well, six weeks. I'm already living basically at Eddie's. I stayed there last night and the night before. Its working out. My bed and dresser and computer are in one room. My desk, unfortunately, fell apart during the move, cheap 3 year old particle board shit it was. Oh well. Me and Eddie had lunch at Mel's yesterday and were flirting with the waitress. She was really cute, beautiful eyes. I think she was flirting with me. :) I need to go back soon so she doesn't forget me and find out when she gets off work or something. *looks down* I think my balls are growing back.

Ahem. Over here. My first class is tonight, the job search continues, I'm moving, the volunteer thing at KDVS in Davis doing a metal show is on hold, and I want to get some dates. Life is changing, a lot, for the better.
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pillar From: pillar Date: August 20th, 2002 10:55 am (UTC) (Link)
You want me to talk to Paul and see if he has any pull to get you a show?
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