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I got a hold of my princess Bonnie last....Wednesday, the day after… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I got a hold of my princess Bonnie last....Wednesday, the day after her birthday. I remembered the day before while I was in my car driving south, and I didn't have her number, so I couldn't call her on the actual day. I was happy to hear her pick up though, and we agreed that she would call me this weekend and we would talk and talk about everything, like we've been meaning to do forever and a day already. Its 6:46 pm on Sunday night and I haven't heard from her yet. Which gets me thinking.

When is enough, enough? How many times do you wait for someone to call, and then they don't, before you give up on them? I've never intentionally ended a friendship. And this is no run-of-the-mill friendship. Bonnie is one of the closest people in my life....well, she was when she lived closer. Can a friendship deteroriate because of distance and lack of communication? I can never say yes, because when I do see her on that rare day its like she's never done anything to hurt me. It was the way we ended the call. For a while, we've always said "I love you" to each other. I said that to her...and she kinda stumbled over her words, before saying "bye sweetie". I guess things have changed. Its really not fair.

I went down to Eddie's house yesterday to stay overnight. Watched Lord of the Rings for the first time in about 8 months, then had some dinner. Mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs. I know why I never eat hot dogs without buns now. They taste nasty. Went off to Blockbuster looking for "Super Troopers" and the latest FIFA game for the XBox. The one copy of FIFA was checked out, the N64 version was gone, and Super Troopers was nowhere to be found. I did see another game that looked cool, though - Hunter: The Reckoning. Drove off to another Blockbuster to look. Super Troopers is still missing, so we have them call like 3 other Blockbusters in the area, but nobody has it. They did have FIFA though. See, years ago, when Super Nintendo was the coolest game system around, we rented FIFA for it, and had a total blast with that game. It was primitive, but bicycle kicks into the goal with that hardware was still sweet. Then along came N64, and an updated version of the game which was also a ton of fun. I don't know why, but cooperative soccer with 1 or 2 friends is so much fun. So, now there's the Xbox, and we had to play FIFA on it. So glad we did. That game just gets better as the technology improves. No bicycle kicks now apparently, and the cool moves are hard to do on purpose, but the teamwork is again so fun. Once we actually started playing world cup competition, we won the first game like 20-1, and the second a ridiculous 35-0, as Brazil. Thats saved for later. (Game rental is 8 days, which if fucking necessary considering the price of the rental).

We did go back to the other store to rent the Hunter game. Basically its a Gauntlet-type game where there are 4 characters with different weapons and abilities, who can all play simultaneously together, fighting tons and tons of evil beasties, like zombies and vampires and such. Its just a blast. The graphics are a hoot, and the game is more humorous than scary. Like using a shotgun to blow off the torso of a zombie, only to have his legs walk up and kick you. Just picture a giant evil teddy bear as a boss character and you might get the gist of it. Kinda insane with only 2 people though. Want to play that again.

I'm home now, and I came home to something both wonderful and awful, involving the same person. I got a package from my dear Bre, and its super fantastic creative core (that one's for you sweetheart), and then I find out bad news from her, which I won't repeat here because its not my place. I love love love and adore this girl to pieces, and its killing me that I can't do anything to help her, at least not yet. *sigh* She needs to call me.

I took a look at the apartment out in the back of Eddie's house. Not so much an apartment, as a room with electricity. I think its like 3 times the size of my room here, it would cost me $200 rent, and I wouldn't have to pay utilities. I would get to eat home cooked food like all the time. And still retain some privacy. Plus, its in the Sacramento area still, and my best friend lives about 150 feet away from it. It has a lot of pros. So tonight, I'm going to make a list of pros and cons for what are basically my 3 housing options. And see what I come up with.

7:09. No call from Bonnie. <3 x infinity for Bre.
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