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Its not so much that I'm tired of LJ, its that I don't seem to be any… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Its not so much that I'm tired of LJ, its that I don't seem to be any good at writing down what I'm thinking lately. Will that change? No clue. I can't even find the right words when I'm writing - imagine how sad I am when I talk. :p

Gosh, last few days. Well, I never heard back from the place I interviewed at. Friday was two weeks since the second interview with zero communication from them. Now, when I left, I was told "we'll let you know next week our decision". To me, that doesn't mean "we'll call you if you got the job, and we won't if you didn't". I was under the impression I would be contacted either way. How unprofessional is it that nobody ever bothered to call me and say "we gave the job to someone else noob"? Its frustrating. So this morning I'm going through the want ads. Whee and shit.

I was going to hit up a show in Auburn on Friday night. Didn't. I guess I wasn't up to it or something. Not that I had anyone to go with, anyway *sob sob sob*. Saturday night was the tribute night, with Whiplash paying tribute to early Metallica, and Larger than Life doing their homage to Kiss. I didn't go to that either. Eh.

So I cleaned this weekend. My room looks much better already. Adam cleaned the inside of the entertainment center and while he was at it, separated out his videos from mine. I got all the taped wrestling shit hahahah. There were a bunch with no labels so I checked through all those to see what was on them. Found my Death and King Diamond concert tapes. Did I ever mention that I have a tape of the King Diamond show that I was actually at, in SF? W00t. I have a bunch with crap on them or actually blank. The funny part is, I don't own a VCR. Just a DVD player. So they're kinda useless.

I grabbed the videos that I have DVD copies of and put them in my "to sell" pile. CDs, movies, games I have no need or want for. Maybe I can make some spare cash on them. They're just cluttering up the place. I also am running a classified ad for my acoustic guitar. It was one of the worst purchases I've ever made, just for the sheer expense and total lack of utility I got out of it. Oh well, I can try to repair some of the damage. By that I mean get some money back from what I spent on it. Its not actually damaged. :)

I have managed to formulate something of a momento box, where I put pictures, and special things that mean something to me (like the little christmas card that Michelle made and sent to me). I will probably start boxing my stuff this week. Never hurts to be prepared - no, I don't have anywhere to move to yet. Wouldn't that be nice? It will happen.

I spent several hours yesterday at Chris' house doing a 2-man LAN party. Moving my system from the house to the car and back isn't so bad anymore. I called it quits when I sucked at any game we played. I know I've been playing too long in one day when my left arm starts twitching as it sits on the keyboard. Considering that I was playing CS with a TMP all day I can't complain too much. It was fun.

Got word that my old clan GR$ has official disbanded. GG noobs. I heard the story. It was...kinda weak. Cracker > me.

I got a great present from someone last night. It will not be discussed. Just know that I loved it. :-D

This concludes our broadcast this morning.
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hauntedlavender From: hauntedlavender Date: August 5th, 2002 11:11 am (UTC) (Link)
YAY you're ALIVE!!!
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