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I just had a weird phone conversation. A friend of mine (Heather),… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I just had a weird phone conversation. A friend of mine (Heather), who I really don't see that much, called me at 11:45 a) to see how I was doing and b) to tell me that she thought sometimes my sarcastic nature might go a little too far and offend people. Seriously. The instance she mentioned was a couple weeks ago. Leaving work one day I noticed a girl I hadn't seen at the light rail station before, and when I could see her face I saw that it was another friend of mine (the rooommate, actually, of the one that called me), Sara. The reason I didn't recognize her was because she had cut her hair probably 6-8 inches and I was used to seeing it below her shoulders. Anyway, as soon as I saw it was her, I immediately told her, sincerely, how much I liked her hair. She said that the stylist lady went overboard and she was not fond of it for a couple days, but she was getting used to it. So, the next day, I come home and see Heather, Sara and my roommate Adam out by the pool. As I'm walking up, I yell "Hey, who's the girl with the really cute hair?" and when Sara started to respond, I added "No, no, I mean Heather!" in my usual sarcastic way. I said it with a smile, and I thought nothing of it. So tonight, while I'm talking to Heather, she says that she thinks I went over the line with that one and that it might have made Sara feel more self-conscious about the haircut she didn't want in the first place.

This is where I got confused. I am a smartass. People know this. I don't say anything sarcastically unless I'm smiling during or immediately afterward. I make it very obvious. If this really did offend Sara (and I have no reason to believe it did other than what Heather is telling me - it's HER opinion), I don't see how it's my fault. I mean, if it did, I would apologize to her because I don't want to her to feel bad or be upset with me. But really, people need to learn to deal with how I am. It's my nature. That's life. Be strong.

Blah. I need some dinner.....
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