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Time for the concert review, now that I'm actually up. I'm going to… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Time for the concert review, now that I'm actually up. I'm going to do it band by band, then general notes about the show.

*Spiritual Eclipse - local band, it seems. Had free demos there, so thats cool. Really tight band, drummer was really good on blasts. It might have been the sound, but his double bass sounded sloppy. Not really sure what to call them - some kind of grindcore hybrid I guess. The vocals were more hardcoreish, but the music was decidedly not. Lead guitar player had quick fingers, vocalist/rhythm player played some complex riffs (at least it seemed that way from all the finger movement). Definitely a band I will check out. Finally, a show with an opening act who can actually PLAY.

*Origin - saw them on the International Extreme Music Festival tour, but the sound at the Maritime was not as good as the Pound, so I couldn't tell at all what they were playing. Plus, the Pound is smaller, so I could see all of them. Insanely fast, totally precision death metal in the newer style of Dying Fetus. Triple vocal attack, with the vocalist doing growls and screams, one guitar player interjecting with periodic screaming vocals, and the other guitar player with some even deeper growls. Tandem vocals and at times all three simultaneous made it really interesting. The music itself was hard to distinguish from one song to the next, something I will rectify by listening to some of the album tracks. Very good.

*Hate Eternal - disappointing, in a word. I have been wanting to see them play since I got Conquering the Throne 2 or 3 years ago. They have a new one coming out in September, but they've gone through some lineup changes. New drummer, who seems to be just fine, and lost the second guitarist, the almighty Doug Cerrito of Suffocation. I don't know why he left, but they need to get him back. Live, its just not working with only one guitar player, who launches into the leads with only the bass as his backdrop. I dislike that style very much, probably because its how Pantera does it. They played a ton of songs off their debut, notably skipping all the tracks that Cerrito wrote (which were the best ones), and I mostly recognized those. Two new ones which have potential. Erik Rutan (singer/songwriter/guitarist) looks fuckin scary even before he steps up to the mic. I'll check out the new one anyway.

*Arch Enemy - apparently everyone was here for this band. As soon as it got close to their set, everyone crammed in there and was totally on the verge of exploding. As soon as Sharlee D'Angelo (bass, and one fucking huge guy) came out, they lost it. Then out came the Amotts, and finally Angela, who is just as hot in person as in pictures. They launched into the opening track of "Wages of Sin" and it ruled all. Angela is a great frontwoman, always moving around, pumping her fist, banging her head a little, just having fun and we ate it up. They ran through about four off the latest album, 2 or 3 from Burning Bridges, and "Beast of Man" from Stigmata. An entirely too short set, but they weren't headlining....YET. It sounded great, except I think Chris Amott's guitar was too low in the mix. The drummer looks like he is younger than me. No verification on that. A great set that had the whole place rocking out, it was evident that they were the band of the night, no matter whose name was on the top of the bill. I cannot wait to see them again.

*Nile - I actually considered leaving before they came on, but it was near impossible to move around in that place as it was. So I stayed. To my surprise, they played no less than seven songs off Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka, a few off of Black Seeds of Vengeance, and I think 3 tracks from the forthcoming In Their Darkened Shrines (available in August). So I did enjoy myself during their set after all. The new drummer is a big guy, and he plays well. New bassist/vocalist is alright, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Nile was like the first death metal band to use three vocalists, and they still do it well. Its funny to see guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade growl because he doesn't look like a growler at all. Their set went on for a while, but I could tell how many more songs there were, since Karl had his laptop behind him (for all the sound effects) and it highlighted the song they were on, until there was nothing below the current one. Heh. I haven't seen Nile since the Morbid Angel tour about three years ago, so it was good that I stayed. No encore or anything, which is good. Just finished up and started taking down the gear. No rock stars this night.

Now, the general notes:
*I think I contributed to the deliquency of a minor by buying a beer for this chick. Oh well. She was hot.
*I was really surprised at how many people actually showed up for this show. It was seriously packed.
*Once again, I hate mosh pits. They don't even listen to the music. I have to remember to stand in the back all the time. When I finally bring Ames to a show, I'll have to protect her from the big mean nasty latent homosexuals. :-) I can put her up on my shoulders like one guy did.
*My car wouldn't start. No clue why. So after unsuccessfully asking around for jumper cables, I called AAA and a guy showed up inside 15 minutes, which was sweet. Jumped me and I was off. That was about 1:30 AM. I think I had about 15 near-accidents on the way home. A cop would have pulled me over on suspicion for drunk driving. I stopped in Vacaville at Denny's just to get up and eat. It didn't do much good, I am shocked I made it home in one piece. God I hate that drive. But here I am.

If I think of anything else I'll mention it. Fun night.
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stratatorrious From: stratatorrious Date: July 20th, 2002 07:40 pm (UTC) (Link)

Sounds like a cool show. Argh car trouble, it always makes me nervous!
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