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Last night, after the interview, I walked back to the light rail… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Last night, after the interview, I walked back to the light rail station, only to discover that my ID badge/light rail pass was missing. FUCK! I retraced my steps back to the building, even going back upstairs just in case I dropped it in the office. I didn't see it anywhere. I covered every inch of territory from the time I got off the train to the time I left the interview. Nothing. That was just great.

So, naturally, this morning, someone is checking tickets. And of course, he gets to me about 10 feet from my stop. Of course, I don't have my pass because I haven't gotten a new one yet (and I never buy in the morning anyway because its almost never checked - maybe 3 times in the last year, all within about 2 months). So lucky me, I get off at my stop and get issued a citation. The morning started out great.

I go upstairs to the office. See my badge/pass lying on my keyboard. Apparently a lady from EDD named Carol had found it near Capitol somewhere, and contacted our main office. Our Office Asst went and got it from her this morning. My light rail pass was still there and everything. Thank god for good people.
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