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There was a story earlier this week about the world's oldest known… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
There was a story earlier this week about the world's oldest known photograph, taken in 1826. They are trying to preserve it in a way that it will be safe for centuries. That got me thinking. 180 years ago we didn't even know how to take a picture. Now, we have close up pictures of the farthest planets of our solar system. We can communicate with a person on the other side of the world instantaneously for free. We are nearing the ability to know how a child will be born...before they are born. Its truly remarkable what we are capable of. Sometime its almost enough to make me have some faith in humanity.

And then I go and read about something like this. Its a blurb, admittedly. One of the guys here went there this morning for breakfast and it was covered with cops. Apparently it was a gang fight, one was already there when another walked in, and chaos ensued. A kid is dead over what? Two groups of people who hate each other for no other reason then they belong to the wrong group. Explain to me how thats better than Islamic fundamentalists who are taught to hate. This wasn't even about who was wearing what shoes, it was about who one associated with. I absolutely do not understand how these things happen. The things I mentioned before, the amazing things we are capable of, is not even acknowledged by people like this. How can a person be so self-involved? How can a person kill another...just because? Its truly frightening. There is a line in "Ghostbusters" where Egon is talking about the architect, and says that he "thought mankind was to sick to survive". Sometimes I wonder.

</deep thoughts>

I went downstairs last night and saw something move on the floor. There was a cricket in my apartment. No clue how the little bugger got in there. It took me two attempts to trap him and then release him outside - no point in killing it. Then I was flipping through HBO channels later and saw that "Assassins" was on, so I decided to watch. I think it was made more interesting by the fact that I'm reading The Bourne Identity right now and it has a similar storyline - two assassins vying for #1, or more accurately, one trying to kill the other and claim the title. In any event, I believe that Antonio Banderas should never be allowed to play a role where he doesn't fire a gun. He is always better at those parts, for some reason.

Amy returns Sunday. This makes me an exceedingly happy boy.
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