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A weekend where as much time is spent outside the apartment as in is… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
A weekend where as much time is spent outside the apartment as in is soooooo worthy of posting about. You don't like me? Bite me! (name that wrestler).

So. Friday was the first day of my dog-less present. The death of my Tasha has yet to really sink in, since I haven't been up to the house and stared at the empty spot she occupied for so long. They are getting her cremated, but we aren't sure what to do with the ashes yet. I want to spread them somewhere, but I'm not sure where yet. She loved the mountains, so maybe up on a peak. I miss her.

I can't stand work anymore, but psh I say that all the time. This is me so not trying very hard to get another job. Bah, someone needs to give me a swift kick in the pants. W0rd. I think Friday just kinda came and went....don't really remember much. Also the first night Amy wasn't around for a while. She's gone to Florida for 9 days. Its the longest period of time I haven't talked to her since I met her. sux0r. She is sending me postcards. :) Did I go walking on Friday? No that was Thursday...I think. Whatever.

The beginning part of Saturday consisted of calling MCI to find out why the fuck my long distance plan sucked so hardcore, and then to have the nicest customer service girl EVER tell me that it sucked and she would help me get a better one. So now I pay 7 cents a minute state to state all day long. Thats way better. Still have a massive phone bill this month though. So then I got a call from lairans about his friend Bobby's computer being ass. It was locking up hardcore a few minutes into playing a game. We went to Fry's to buy a motherboard for it, came home, replaced it, had to reinstall Windows 2000 on it, got it up - and it locked up. This was 4 hours later. We left. (Found out today that after running all the updates for w2k, no more lockups. Hrmmm......) I had a party to go to. I went. I had one drink. I was driving. Some people had more than one drink....like six beers. She knows I'm talking about her. Muahahahaha. Fun for the most part, even though I didn't know a lot of people and to be honest I don't really care that I didn't talk to them more. I knew the important ones. Got home at 1-ish.

Parents came by today and we went to Red Lobster for lunch. That was sweet. Took biscuits home. Had them for dinner. Catfish + salmon + fried shrimp = not a b00n lunch. Went off to the Galleria in Roseville to just...check it out. I love malls. So many chicks wearing as little as legally possible. Not much interested me, although I believe there are entirely too many computer games out there. I need to play a bunch of them. (goes off to try and download GTA 3 while sitting here) I don't even keep up to date anymore. Gotta check out pcgamer.com more often. I have badass computer that can run everything, I should know what I can play.

So lets see..mall, right. Went across the street to Barnes & Noble. Good god. I wish I had all the time in the world because I would fucking read every book in there. So much interesting stuff, and me with no money, no time, no lack of need for sleep. Oh well. I got The Bourne Identity because the book will probably be way better. I'm about 60 pages in so far. I like it.

Came home, got a new lecture before leaving the car. Well, ok, a new spin on an old lecture. My dad just won't quit. He enjoys calling me an idiot too, like that will make me motivated to work harder or something (????). Ate, read, did nothing. Called Michelle. Left a message. Called Bonnie. Left a message. Got a call from Bonnie wondering who had just called her :p. Talked for a few minutes since she was busy. Oh, I missed her voice. I will always love that girl. I need to find out when I can see her.

Am I still writing? Psh. Work tomorrow. ASS ASS ASS. Find me a new job.
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