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AimNotifier034: Hello sir/madam, we have noticed your AIM account is… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
AimNotifier034: Hello sir/madam, we have noticed your AIM account is corrupted. We can help terminate the following problems which can be virus' or other threatfull materials, if you cooperate with us by giving us your account name and password.
DJChaos1580: is "threatfull" actually a word?
AimNotifier034: Please verify your account name and password at this time
DJChaos1580: apparently not
DJChaos1580: i'm curious why I am able to log on and use the service without issue, if its corrupted
AimNotifier034: The effect of the virus may not have taken effect yet
DJChaos1580: So you know which virus it is?
AimNotifier034: but when it does your hard drive will be completely ereased
AimNotifier034: CODENAME- Mickmillen
DJChaos1580: that doesn't even make any sense!
DJChaos1580: if its a virus affecting my account, which is not stored on my computer, why would it threaten my personal hard rdive?
DJChaos1580: *drive
AimNotifier034: the account can access your hard drive
DJChaos1580: I don't suppose there is any way for you to verify your actual status as a representative of the service?
AimNotifier034: Please contact 1-800-problms-aol for verification.
DJChaos1580: Maybe its just me, but wouldn't it make more sense, if this issue actually existed, to send a mass e-mail, considering that every user registered provides that to you?
DJChaos1580: instead of contacting them one by one?
Previous message was not received by AimNotifier034 because of error: User AimNotifier034 is not available.
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hauntedlavender From: hauntedlavender Date: June 19th, 2002 09:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
the virus must have ATTACKED him!
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