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major down + major ups = confusing 12 hours. i don't feel like using… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
major down + major ups = confusing 12 hours.

i don't feel like using good punctuation and grammar. so shut up.

last night, a bit after i got home from work, and was in the middle of a CS game, my mom called. i got to hear that they set an appointment with the vet for friday morning. that would be THE appointment. where they kill my dog. not even sure if she'll make it that far. i didn't get to say goodbye to her. i might ask for an emergency day off on friday so i can see her one last time and go to the vet with them. i might not have mentioned it before, but Tasha is over 15 years old, so its not like she's dying young. there is just no way i can come to grips with the fact that in a little over 48 hours my Tasha-ree will be gone.

then i came into work this morning to kickass news. my best friend is back in town from school, and he had some of the best news ever for me. his brother managed to get a copy of our Gong Show performance from the senior advisor - apparently there are like archives or something. yes, yes, you're going "Gong Show? WTF???". my senior year was the last year they allowed the Senior Roof, where the seniors gathered for a weekend before school to paint some slogan up on the auditorium roof. i forget why they stopped allowing it but whatever. we decided to institute a new senior tradition - the Gong Show. yes, modeled after the original game show. we had 3 history teachers as judges. there were several acts, of which we were one. "we" = me and my 2 best friends. our act was called Three Technologically Challenged Individuals. it consisted of the three of us in pseud-Amish garb, lip syncing to "Amish Paradise" complete with choreography. it was badass. we performed it for a rally the week before, since nobody else would promote the gong show. they all loved us. it was like the best feeling of my life, when the whole room was cheering for us. so anyway, there is a snippet of our performance in the senior video. we tried in vain for a year or two to track down an uncut copy of our performance. finally, eddie's (performing as Jacob - adam was Jebediah and I was Ezekiel) brother got one this last school year. i get to watch it tonight. you have no idea how excited this makes me.

i would be more excited if my dog wasn't going to be dead in 2 days.
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abstracted From: abstracted Date: June 19th, 2002 12:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
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