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I rather enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. It makes me wonder why… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I rather enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. It makes me wonder why I don't strive to achieve it more often. I seem to content...no, thats not the word - I seem at least comfortable not pursuing accomplishment more often. Its a good feeling. I didn't think laziness was that powerful.

I actually did some stuff yesterday, you see. Went and got a USB cable for my new printer, so I could actually use it. Picked up the replacement oil tank cap I needed while I was out. Came home, printed out resumes, cover letters and envelopes for 3 jobs I found I wanted to apply for. One is with a political law firm, doing stuff that I already know how to do and it pays a good amount. Another is a Lab Assistant job, and the third is working for an on-site employee medical area doing office work in a Sac Bee building. All are promising.

I went to see The Bourne Identity, but the guy I was meeting showed up late, and I negelected to just buy the tickets, so by that time it was sold out. Went across the street and saw Star Wars Ep II (I hadn't seen it yet). It was good, in parts. The love story was just fucking stupid. The fights were too short as well. Oh well. I'll go see Bourne Identity this week I hope.

I came home and colored with Katelyn for a little while. Its been years since I colored. Heh, that was fun. Even six-year-old girls can boss me around. You hear that Ames? I'm a good slave. Eventually I went to Blockbuster and got Black Hawk Down, Ocean's Eleven, and K-Pax. Black Hawk Down was really gritty, a very good war film that reminded me, intensity wise, of Saving Private Ryan. Pretty violent. Long, though. Ocean's Eleven was just awesome. I totally loved it. Everybody involved did great, and the writing was really good. I want to watch it again, then watch with the commentary by Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia (see DVD people? Thats the kind of thing we want on DVDs). Didn't get too far in K-Pax yet, but it was good so far. I love Kevin Spacey so I'm biased.

I didn't get to bed until 4AM. Have to call some places about apartments. See if they will be available in six weeks. It would be so great to live right down the street from my close friend Melissa. That would rule!! :) Thats all thats on the menu for today.

*waves back at Shell*
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abstracted From: abstracted Date: June 16th, 2002 02:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Did you write my letter? :D
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