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I have to pay bills. I need a haircut. (Well, all of them cut)… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I have to pay bills. I need a haircut. (Well, all of them cut) Melissa has to feel good so we can go to the gathering together. I'm too shy to go alone. Even if Cassie and/or Lauren is there.

Monday night I called Michelle, and somehow managed to squeeze an hour long conversation out of the "not so good on the phone" girl. I feel closer to her now. She knows what part I want to play in her life. And I will get to see her, hopefully sooner rather than later. I still need to write her though..

I have neglected Bonnie. *slaps self* That is terrible and unacceptable. I must call her this week. Tomorrow, perhaps. Tonight is filling up too quick.

blah blah blah

future ideas. plans? its on the table.
Do me