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IM fun (a blatant ripoff) - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
IM fun (a blatant ripoff)
Me and a co-worker. We happen to sit literally back to back so it's silly in the first place.

CBaad00: i enjoy the company of sheep
CBaad00: I am challenging you to come up with a creative response
DJChaos1580: is your wolf costume getting raggedy yet?
CBaad00: and you succeed
DJChaos1580: that's the best i've got right off the top of my head
CBaad00: hmm
CBaad00: I like cheese
DJChaos1580: look at my package
CBaad00: didn't I do that earlier
CBaad00: I mean... um
DJChaos1580: oh right sorry
DJChaos1580: don't mean to embarrass you consistently
CBaad00: CBaad00: I like cheese
DJChaos1580: my porno name is John Sinn
CBaad00: Mine is Brutus
CBaad00: Brutus Longashlong
DJChaos1580: that would be "LongasChlong" you forgot the C....not that i know how it's spelled
CBaad00: um
CBaad00: yeaaaa
CBaad00: I like horsies
DJChaos1580: do they like you back?
CBaad00: very much
DJChaos1580: do they show you ho w much?
CBaad00: OH YAH!
CBaad00: the shake me all night long
DJChaos1580: oooooooooh yes, Wilbur, right there
CBaad00: *blush*
CBaad00: horse semen = good on the family dinner table
DJChaos1580: just in case you don't like ranch?
CBaad00: its quite similar actually
CBaad00: slightly more tangy
CBaad00: its a bit nutty
DJChaos1580: nothing like chunky salad dressing to liven up a meal
CBaad00: bah, I personally prefer squirrel semen, but its hard to get a hold of in large quantities
DJChaos1580: now you just sound disturbed
CBaad00: !!!
CBaad00: !!!!
CBaad00: how could you say something like that
CBaad00: squirrel semen is perfectly natural
CBaad00: and good
DJChaos1580: natural, yes. i've only had the ground squirrel and gray squirrel variety, so i'm biased. how is flying squirrel?
CBaad00: I Am assuming it might be ... light and have a more european flavor
DJChaos1580: something more suitable for an appetizer then
CBaad00: yes, awful good on prawns
DJChaos1580: as a garnish or for dipping, it can't be beat
CBaad00: ok.. little to far ;-)
CBaad00: I have a GIANT ear
DJChaos1580: did he cry much when you took it off of him?
CBaad00: ??????
DJChaos1580: the ear you took from the giant
CBaad00: you are SO gay
CBaad00: I MEAN
CBaad00: completely hetero, only in a faggy sort of way
DJChaos1580: i think you lost
CBaad00: yah
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