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Long post time. Only because this has been the best weekend spent at… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Long post time. Only because this has been the best weekend spent at the parentals' in quite a while, lecture and all. So lets recap, shall we? Ready? OKAY! </cheerleader mode>

So since Friday was my birthday and all, I decided I didn't want to drive home that night. Not like I really did anything worthwhile. Went out to dinner with Adam, his old woman, and the little tyke. Watched part of the Kings game, had some phat chicken strips, and saw Regina (if you read my journal like last spring you would know who that is) there with *gag* her boyfriend and her sister. What is it with me and not being impressed with the boyfriends of girls I have crushes on? Is that natural? She's so gorgeous, why is she with this lump? Bleh. Lucky bastard. I was kinda miffed when she didn't say goodbye to me. What-eva.

That was pretty much my birthday. Twenty-three just isn't anything special. I don't have that many friends anyway, so its not like I have a lot of options....moving on. I figured I was in no rush to get home since it was a 3-day weekend and all, but I set the alarm for 8 anyway. Not a lot of packing to do. I have a new problem with my car. The rubber oil cap is broken. It has a lip that has been ripping off for a while, but I think when they changed the oil last time, they really fucked it up. I tore it off this weekend. I tried prying it off, but no luck. I have to call the Nissan parts place this week and see what I can do about that. Argh.

Anyway, I had oil to make it, so I just left. Stopped at grandma's (unexpectedly) to get the cell phone, and I was off. I always do some CD swaps in the changer before I make the trip. Only 4 substitutions this time, I listened to all of those, except Children of Bodom, all the way through. Not bad traffic on the way up. Dad wanted to take me in the car up to his office, and a couple powerhouses. But mom had the car getting groceries so we had to wait. Then, lunch. First went up to Strawberry where the office is, where he showed me basically what he's been doing for a while. See, for a long time I really didn't know what the hell he did up there. Well he showed me the servers they are running there, the transmitters, etc. Even if I don't have much of a clue how it all works, at least I know what he is talking about now. We left there and went up to Strawberry Peak. Awesome view up there. No pictures though. Then we drove down to Beardsely Dam, and I saw the big machinery in there that powers the water releases. Loud shit. Giant wrenches in there too. Old equipment. Dad showed me primo fishing spots behind it. Have to check on Free Fishing Day this summer to try and get out there. I haven't been fishing in ages, and I won't pay for a license.

So we went home, half an hour late, went to the Snowshoe to meet up with the sis for dinner. I don't know why my sister is such a bitch to me. I swear the first five things out of her mouth to me were critical. I don't understand. What the fuck did I do? She doesn't really care for being seen with the family in public, I think. So be it. She left after that, and I didn't see her again all weekend. Then we were off to......

....MONSTER TRUCK RALLY!!! No joke. They were at the Sonora Fairgrounds that night and mom thought it would be a kick to go. It IS hick country, after all. First up were the whopping TWO monster trucks, Enforcer and Terminator. Terminator was way cooler. He did donuts on the track and got more air on the jumps. There was no car jumping, just a bunch of monster tires to jump off of. Not overly entertaining. Next up were some Motorcross freestyle jumpers. There were 5 of them, but 1 was easily the best. He was doing something insane every jump. There was one other kid, who on his last jump, put his feet up on the handlebars in the air and landed on the other side that way. That was sweet. I think there were 3 kids from the same family, called the Flying Morgan Brothers. The motorcross stuff was my favorite part of the night. Next, they started the mud racing. There were 2 classes, the V-6 and the V-8. Basically they set up this short track of two lanes, totally soaked and covered in mud. And....they raced. It was obvious from the first set of V-8s which truck was going to win, the speed on that sucker was unreal. It was fun to watch them, even if it dragged a bit. Well, then came intermission. God damn, what a waste of time. They started back up with the lone truck to enter the Burn Out contest (i.e. How Much Smoke Can One Car Make?). He split a tire, the dumbass. Then out came the jet car. That thing literally had a jet engine in the back. The flame was so intense we could feel it up in the stands. That was pretty badass. After that it was more mud racing, motorcross, and monster trucks. A fun night, but I won't be seeing another one soon.

That was that day. Sunday I got waffles. Then we drove up to Mt. Elizabeth. It was amusing because my dad has keys to the gates, like everywhere, but I don't think he is supposed to use them so he hides them when we have to get through a gate somewhere. At the top is a fire lookout tower, but it wasn't all the way open to the top yet. Still got some fantastic panoramic views from up there. I took a bunch of pictures that are on my mom's camera. Cool up there. Tried to take the back way down, but didn't want to scratch the paint on the car, so we turned around and went back. Mom and dad took naps while I watched the Kings blow a huge lead and lose by one fucking point. They must win tomorrow. Hope Peja is playing. Hedo is doing well, but we need the firepower.

Did a bit of yardwork out back before I didn't feel well. Got to scarf on teryaki chicken and fried rice though YUMMMMMY. Um...that was pretty much it.

So today I couldn't avoid the lecture. Not much was really accomplished, although I was being pointed in the Journalism direction at the end. My mom found an aptitude test online called MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential). When it was all said and done, we paid $40 for a big ol' assessment of my strengths and weaknesses, etc. I haven't gone through it all, but the top ranked job field for me was Fire Prevention and Protection Engineer - like, coming up with new and better ways to prevent/fight fires. Who ever hears of a job like that? Kinda interesting. It just gives me other ideas, basically. And they have tons of job listings to go along with it. We'll see where I end up.

Right now its basically Priority #1: Find a job. Priority #2: Know where I'm living. Priority #3: Decide about school.

That was almost all I did today. Came home. Played CS Suicide Bomber. Talked to Ames. Blah blah blah.

I'm tired of writing. Maybe more later....

Currently Blasting: Savatage - Christmas in Sarajevo

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