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Its 6:45 AM and I'm awake. Not sure why, probably because I fell… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Its 6:45 AM and I'm awake. Not sure why, probably because I fell asleep at like 10 last night. I vividly remember a dream I just had. I got majorly bitched out at work by my main boss guy, even thought it was total bullshit. This was after I had spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out where the fuck the meeting room was. I hate dreams about work. Its like a waking nightmare most of the time as it is.

My CPU is overheating. This is why my CS does not play well, and my computer restarts. Its way too high temp in there. So today I'm going to get a GOOD heatsink and fan for it. I bought an exhaust fan for the back of the case last night thinking that would help, but since I'm retarded and didn't realize where the heat problem actually was, of course it made no difference. While I was at Fry's, I almost got a scanner. It was $50. I might go back and get one today, I just didn't want to impulse buy. (the $40 one I mentioned was totally gone already, of course).

I need to look for jobs this weekend. Just in case I get fired.

Oh oh, I fixed a problem that has been dragging on at work with a couple machines whose CD-RW's were not functioning well. They worked with Nero but not with Roxio. So I found this update to the program and dl'ed it and TA DA everything went well. Everybody was telling me to call Dell, yeah well Dell would not have helped me. So take that all you fuckers at work who think you know more than me. GRRRRRRRRR. So tired of people trying to think they know computers when they don't know shit.

Mommy's Day is tomorrow. My mommy is going to be out of town somewhere I think, so even if my card gets there today she might not see it. I will call just the same.

Amy might be here in a week...or less. The good things in life make it worthwhile. (love you shell bell).
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