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Who wants a weekend recap??? Yeah, well, shutup, because I'm doing it… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Who wants a weekend recap??? Yeah, well, shutup, because I'm doing it anyway.

Well, Friday night Adam's woman made another trip here - not exactly a cross country trek (like some people *coughamycough*). I think I actually "met" her finally that night. Also, I got to worry about a good friend. She was OK though. I'm such a compassionate d00d, someone should write a song about me. I accomplished little.

I'm not really sure what happened to Saturday, other than sucking at CS and watching that silly movie "Pups". It just kinda passed me by. Don't you hate when that happens?

So that brings us to Sunday, yesterday. I actually *gasp* went out and did something. Had lunch with Adam & April. She is fairly goofy, so she fits in with us pretty good. Went to Mel's Diner, where the waitresses are all really hot, so thats always a plus. I had a temporary brain malfunction and couldn't figure out how to work the jukebox on the table. It wouldn't take my money. So I went to the one on the counter. I didn't realize I had to pay 2 quarters for 2 songs, I figured it was one song per quarter. Whatever. THEN, I was putting the song/disc numbers in backwards. Yes, I am an idiot. Finally got it working. Edgar Winter and The Moody Blues > j00.

We went to see a movie - Ice Age, which I hadn't seen but they had - but had about 35 minutes to kill once we got there, so we hung out at Virgin Records. Having no money, it was strictly a browsing venture, and there wasn't much I would want to get anyway, except for the entire Dream Theater back catalogue. I played Luigi's Mansion for a few minutes, but I had no clue what to do so I gave up. Ice Age was really funny, and I enjoyed it highly. All of the voice actors (Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo) did great jobs in my opinion. The animation was outstanding as well. The small things, like the effects of the water and snow, were done remarkably well. I was personally amazed at the way in which the fluid movements of the sabre-tooth tiger's feline muscle structures were so well done. Very realistic. Highly recommended, even if you aren't big into animation.

I took a nap, and played some CS. The clan had some practice on de_nuke, after which we did a scrim against each other, 3v3. I think our team lost overall 14-10 (official CAL rules have teams play 24 rounds, 12 as each side). I was up and down, but we managed to do OK against the other guys. I think the teams were stacked. :) gg to Lairans, Labby, Black, Seven Up, and Lohse (aka Cracker). I'm such a geek, I'm saying "gg" to my clan members in my LJ. Somebody stop me.

We are getting ready for OGL match competition now. I think now that Lairans has a working processor, we will be getting very serious about it soon. There are 295 ranked clans in OGL, so its a long way to the top. OGL = Online Gaming League. Its fun being part of a team, even though I am totally the weakest link. There are days when the broadside of a barn is about the size of a pea to my aiming skills.

Wasn't that interesting? Thats my life these days. Wake up.
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