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With the semester starting, one of my classes has me write in a… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
With the semester starting, one of my classes has me write in a journal every day, so posting my thoughts online is basically a repeat of that - once in a while when something I write is interesting or something I do for my Creative Writing Class that I like I will post it...like tonight. But it will be once in a while.

The following are things I wrote today when I was inspired by seeing some squirrels, believe it or not. The first is a poem, and the second is the beginnings of a story.

"Satanic Squirrel"
What does the inside
Of a squirrel's mind
Look like?

His concerns are so simple
There are no bills to pay
No taxes to be filed
He can spend the day playing
Like we did when we were little
And sometimes long to do again

The squirrel is a good little Satanist
He satisfied his natural instincts
As his course of life

Never has anything been so resourceful
In its use of a tree
Home, grocery store, playground
We should be so lucky

But for the squirrel
A new building is not progress
It is an invasion
And how can he defend himself
Against the machines of man?

We expand until we fill our world
The squirrel's world shrinks
Until is has surrounded him

But does he really notice?
Or does he continue playing
With the other squirrels?
At least they seem happy
Perhaps that is enough
We should be so lucky
I hear it before I see it. A rustling nosie off to the left. This day is particularly nice - it seems somewhat odd that there are so few people about. To hear a sound that would ordinarily be lost in the din that is a campus teeming with people is probably somehow significant. What manner of creature is it that would cause such a noice? I think of the technical word for fear of the unknown - xenophobia. It is probably a poor choice of words, but how else does one describe the anxiety felt awaiting the emergence of an unknown living presence so near at hand? The rustling continues unperturbed. In the few seconds I stand there rooted, transfixed by an occurrence that on any other day I would casually disregard, a myriad of images flits through my mind, each more sinister than the last. The logical part of me struggles in vain to keep its grip, trying to avert the fanaticism that is slowly taking the reins of reality. Anticipation can feel a lot like fear when there is so much that is now known.

The furry gray mass pops out of the brush, an escapist making his way out of the pale green labyrinth that so recently ensnared him. The encyclopedia refers to this being as a squirrel; at this moment the moniker hardly does it justice. Any creature which could manage to strike a chord of fear, however slight, into a human deserves more than such a name as "squirrel." There is no intimidation in this word, no nobility.

The end is getting silly. We'll see what happens with it.

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Currently Blasting: Rhapsody - Symphony of Enchanted Lands

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From: pntheramnementh Date: February 16th, 2001 06:35 pm (UTC) (Link)

Completely off topic

I was looking at your web site (I noticed you were in the Sacramento community) and wanted to make a few comments/questions.

For one, I swear the last time I talked to the guitarist of Sin, he said they broke up. This was a long time ago, actually.

Also, I went to EGHS as well... but you're a bit younger than me, so I'm guessing you were a few classes under me. Cute that you were a powder puff cheer leader.

So uh, nice to meet you.

suffocated From: suffocated Date: February 16th, 2001 09:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Completely off topic


Wow, I never actually thought someone would reply to my journal. Heh.

Yes, Sin did break up, sometime back around May, I actually went and saw their last live show in Stockton where Mike (the singer/guitar player)tried to start a fight with another band. Amusing. I tried to get him to be on my campus radio show but it never happened. Haven't spoken to him or any band members since last spring though....

I graduated EGHS in '97 - last senior class to get to paint the roof.

Nice to meet you too.

From: pntheramnementh Date: February 16th, 2001 11:38 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Completely off topic

Ah, I was class of '96.
I remember the big bitch they had about the mural during my junior year... but I got the hell out after that year and started going to CRC. My freshman year was the only year I actually paid attention to what was going on in the school activities where I knew who the class ASB student councel were and actually went to rally's n stuff. Those people were actually fairly entertaining. Were you there for that retard hick guy that used to ride the garbage can like a bull?
I'm actually surprised I didn't know you, since I actually hung out with the people that were kinda freaks and did the whole rock music thing. Did you ever hear of the band "White Room"?

Yeah, Mike had a bit of an ego. I'm good friends (though I havn't seen em in at least 6 months) with Luxt, another local band (Maybe you know of em? They won the sammies last year in the metal category) whom Sin opened for, and Erie (the drummer for Luxt) made comments about how he's good, and he knows it.

I actually prefer industrial music myself. I like some metal, though. Luxt used to run an industrial club at bojangles which I would attend all the time, which is how I made friends with them.

suffocated From: suffocated Date: February 18th, 2001 09:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Completely off topic

It seemed that in my last 2 years of high school, I developed a knack for knowing a lot of people, particularly the ASB/cheerleaders (since they were pretty much the same people), but knew only a few of them well. Yes, I remember that garbage can riding moron - I think it was Jeff.......something or other. I remember seeing him working at Hollywood video once a few years back.

Actually, I didn't really get into music much until after I graduated - I bought my first Metallica CD the summer before senior year. I was a nerd in high school that didn't look like a nerd - Academic Olympics, Science Olympics, Math Club. But no pocket protector or taped glasses. :) Lots of AP classes too. Wasn't White Room the band with the chick singer that sounded like a guy? "I Wanna Be Your Woman"?

I've heard of Luxt, but haven't taken the time to hear them play. In my humble opinion, the metal scene in Sacto kinda sucks. I've seen some good bands though. These days I catch shows when a bigger name band comes through, and locals open. I hope Bo's opens again at some point - I'd hate to lose another rock venue. Big Shots was my fav.


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