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Its Friday, and I am bored at work. Survey time! what makes you… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Its Friday, and I am bored at work. Survey time!

what makes you cry the easiest?
music, death, and movies

what makes you really really happy?
music and the people i love

has anyone close to you ever died?
of course

has anyone close to you ever committed suicide?
thankfully, no

how many funerals have you been to?
just two so far - grandpa larry and big ed

have you ever cried over the death of a celebrity?
he wasn't a celebrity, but chuck's death has made me misty eyed

what do you do in your spare time?
talk to amy *grin*, counterstrike, find ways to waste time and/or be creative (see: fighting Joes)

what are some of your fave restaurants?
Red Lobster and Outback

on average, how many times a week/month do you go out to eat?
yeah, right. how about once every few months, if i'm lucky.

what time do you wake up in the morning? alarm goes off at 6:40 Am, which is actually 10 minutes fast

what is your natural sleeping pattern?
i dont think i have one.

what made you decide to have sex for the first time?
what is this "sex" you speak of?

were you in love?

what's your preferred method of birth control?
not like i have to worry about that

have you ever had a one-night stand?
does that relate to the "sex" mentioned above?

how many rooms does your house have? bedrooms?
i dunno, 3 rooms? 2 bedrooms

what would be your ideal living arrangement?
alone....without rent. :)

how many times have you moved in your life?
3, i think....no wait, more like 4.

what city/state would like to live in?
A Canadian province.

have you ever lived on your own?
since 3 months after i turned 18, i have lived on my own.

who do you live with now?
my bestest buddy shycomputerguy

what do you do on weekends?
even more counterstrike

do you enjoy alone time?
only when i'm with someone else

who do you spend most of your time with?
adam, i guess....amy too

if you were stranded at home for a weekend, without a computer or a tv, what would you do to entertain yourself?
pocket pool.

what is one thing you would love to learn (it doesn't have to be school related)?

what are you really good at (writing, art, music, acting, etc.)?
the majority answer would be "writing"

if there was a book about your life, what would it be called?
Rotating Head: Chronicles of a Thinking Man's Man

which words describe your sense of style?

what's your fave article of clothing?
one of the fleeces

describe a typical outfit you'd wear to school.
there is no typical. its just clothes.

what season are you?

what's a good brand of make-up?

how long does it take you to get ready to go out on the weekend?
what is this "going out" you speak of?

sum up your life right now in 5-10 words.
wandering aimlessly, seeking out a compass
Do me