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I was talking to Torry a few days ago and brought up how it's… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I was talking to Torry a few days ago and brought up how it's annoying when you think of something you want to write down - LJ or otherwise - but don't have the capacity right then, and tend to forget it. Well, today I was thinking about things and I think I'm something of an impulse writer, like when I have inspiration I need to write it then, because if I wait until later I have to rethink it and it comes off as work more than anything, and that sucks. Take, for example, a couple things that irked me yesterday that I thought would be good for an entry.

The idea of tardiness got on my nerves because the morning light rail train had an electrical problem and so instead of 4 cars, it only had 2, and everybody packed into those. Normally, I would say screw it, I'll wait and be a whopping 15 minutes late, but I had to be there yesterday for other reasons. Toward the end of the ride, I heard some guy comment in the back "I'm late already" in response to something and I was just like, is your world going to end because of it? Damn, people get all hung up on something so trivial as time. Time is something we put numbers on. Otherwise it would be light and then it would be dark and that would be about it. So what if you show up at 8:02? If your boss is so anal as to fire you for that, you should be happy not to have to work for an idiot like that anymore.

The other thing was something I thought of while in the bathroom. There's a visual for ya. I was at the new building in there, there are mirrors above individual sinks and the paper towel dispensers are attached at the bottom of the mirrors, and then between that and the sink is a little shelf where the soap dispenser sits. I found myself thinking how impractical it was to put the paper towels there, as it seemed to be one mostly to increase the aesthetic neatness of the bathroom. When people use the bathroom, they really shouldn't care about how pretty it looks and how well it's designed. They are there for a purpose, and it's got nothing to do with aesthetic beauty. Practicality should easily take precedence there, and in a lot of other places as well.

Those were the things I thought about yesterday. I guess it wasn't so hard to get 'em down after all.

Has anyone read my short story yet?

Decapitated rules.

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maelwaedd From: maelwaedd Date: April 25th, 2001 03:34 am (UTC) (Link)
I read your story, and I really do like the ending. No offense: it's a bitch to read with all the nonsensical characters scattered through it. Maybe it's an artform that I've yet to appreciate, but still... my eyes can't cope.

Otherwise, yeah, really cool piece.
suffocated From: suffocated Date: April 25th, 2001 09:02 am (UTC) (Link)
that's an interesting point. i hadn't thought of that. thanks for being honest, but also thanks for the compliment! :) i did about zero content editing, so who knows how things could change.
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