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Tommy Lee Jones absolutely excels in roles where he is a guy with… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Tommy Lee Jones absolutely excels in roles where he is a guy with power delegating responsibilties - "The Fugitive", "U.S. Marshals", "Under Siege", and tonight's viewing entertainment, "Volcano".

I decided I wanted to buy it while I was at Virgin. I also got the new Decapitated and finally purchases a Deeds of Flesh album, "Mark of the Legion." Listening to it right now.

I really enjoy parts of Volcano, how Jones' character organizes such big efforts and all. However, the writer needs to be bitch slapped for his incredibly not subtle attempts at making a moral point out of the whole situation. The subplot about the racist police officer is totally useless. The line by the little boy at the end where he says "Look at their faces. They all look the same" is so incredibly gay. The writer is attempting to make a point that skin color doesn't make any difference when something threatens people as a whole. Well, fucking duh. Its like, damn, try to work it in a little better, or better yet, don't!!!

Chinese food tonight. Mmmmmmm, mandarin chicken.

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