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Whew. I think will start be explaining the whole move thing we did… - Speak Friend and Enter
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Whew. I think will start be explaining the whole move thing we did this weekend, so that if I happen to talk to any of my readers (that would be YOU) then when I mention "the move" people will know what I am talking about. I work in the headquarters building of the Dept of Parks & Rec downtown. A decision was made to move a bunch of people from our building as well as everyone situated at a branch of our department in another part of downtown; these people would all be going down the street to One Capitol Mall. It's a really nice building (and frankly, we don't belong there) but it's a pain in the ass to get to if you don't have a parking spot there. So this weekend was the designated weekend to move pretty much everything. We are occupying all of the 5th floor, half of the 4th, and half of the 3rd. Not only did all of the user's computers have to be moved, but all of the stuff in their cubicles, plus we had to bring new servers in. This was the tricky part, because at HQ we are running on a Novell environment, and for the new server we are using a Win 2K environment. We also had to bring in a mail server. What this means is that for all of the HQ users, we have to switch them from Novell to Microsoft networking. Somewhere between 150-200 people are moving, and about a quarter of them are already switched. Grand. After 2 full days over there this weekend no more workstations have been switched. Yesterday we were hooking up workstations primarily, making sure they had connectivity to the network and such. Most of the 3 floors were patched yesterday, but between the electric guys and the mover guys, not everything was ready for us. Today we brought over the server (it was still copying files yesterday) and configured that, as well as connected most of the printers. However, since we haven't touched individual computers, nobody can print tomorrow. Oh well. Guess what we're doing tomorrow morning? While all the users are unpacking boxes, we will be going around to get them set up.

The trials and tribulations of moving so much hardware. It's aggravating enough getting everything to recognize each other and connect, but when people who will be working there start asking if they can connect yet, it gets old. Quick. Is it so hard to understand that this is a big job and people should fucking wait until Monday to use their damn computers? Get a life people. Grrrrrrrrr. I'm glad I get to go back tomorrow; that means I won't have to deal with our users. Of course, now that we're 150 less, things might lighten up for a few months, until we start playing musical chairs with the floors in our building. Another story, another time.

Yesterday, after I left that place ( was there from 9 to 4:30), I ate, watched Good Will Hunting, came on for a little bit, and basically went to sleep before 11. That's early for me, but on a weekend, it's unheard of. REALLY tired yesterday. Today was longer - 9 to 5:30. But I'm not as tired. See, Friday night I got about 3 hours of sleep....here's why...

There is a program at school called Safe Rides, which exists to get drunk students home safely. Campus organizations volunteer to work during the semester (it runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and this past Friday it was the radio station's turn. I've participated in it 3 times already, and it can be fun. We basically watch movies for a couple hours (runs 10pm - 3am) until people start calling it quits, and then they call us and we pick them up and take them home. For the first few times, I drove twice and answered phones once. This time I wanted to be the "navigator" which basically means having another volunteer in the car more than anything. I think me and my driver did about 4 pickups. Nothing major, a lthough a couple people were smashed pretty good. It's easy to find out where the parties are since we do a lot of pickups for a place.

I will do a separate post for my setlist from Friday's show. I also found out that we got appoval to broadcast online for like 6 months starting in the fall. Awesome. Futurama is on in 10 minutes. Must finish up.

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