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This morning's journal humor: This post is from a journal that is… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
This morning's journal humor:

This post is from a journal that is obviously a joke:
"dood i went to goodwill today! cause my mom works there and she drives me cause i cant drive because the state laws of NH are gaY!?1?! so i usually go thru all the bins of stuff and take what i want because poor people like portuguese and porto rickians dont care what they wear! u dont have to be emo to work in mcdonalds. tho i sort of want a job and i was thinkin hot topic becuase they sell really UNEEK STUFF. they have studded belts and fishnet stalkings! but i dont wear those of corse. so mom says they have a new worker and hes a BLACK MAN so i better watch out and all cause they work with the porto rickians and prey to false catholic gods. so anyway i go into the back quietly so the BLACK MAN wont see me but he does anyway and says hi and i kind of scared but my mom isnt around and so i want to tell u this-- I THINK HES KIND OF CUTE not super cute but cute i know this is wrong because oreo (regular oreos, not those xmas colored kinds. that would be like a red skin and a black having marriage haha) relationships are wrong. anyway so iw ant to talk to him anyway and i ask him if he is a gangsta and he says no and i says its ok i wont tell any1 and he says no i go to college and i says oh u from the ghettos and he says no hes from quincy and i say oh right and wink at him. and he says no really y u think im a gansta cause im an african american?
he says his daddy is a professer at boston college but i think he is lying and is a gansta in boston and i hope so because i wanna know a gansta it makes me feel all like a rebel and james dean was a super hottie."

and this was one of the replies:
"OH my god, now im sorry i checked the older Journal entrys.

You should be so very ashamed of yourself, what you have written is immoral and disgusting: obviously you are a child who has never been near the real world. You live in a bubble where you have to make yourself special by making up non existant "superiorites" in yourself. Does that make you feel good? Does that make you feel better about your life? Convincing yourself that you are better than beings of your same species just makes you look like a fool to everyone. I hope you never move out of New Hampshire because you honestly cant make it anywhere else.

It's people like you that cause all the pain and suffereing in the world. It is people like you that promote meaningless and inaccurate stereotypes. People like you fly planes into buildings killing thousands of people and people like you enslave others mentally and physically. People like you deserve to be locked in a box. I hope you never have any children so they wont have to grow up and make it in the world with such a sick and distorted view on life and humanity.

You are disgusting.

And you know what? You are lucky that that man didnt punch you in the face because i know i would have. That you DARE force a steriotype on someone else publicly should be and is illegal. He could sue you for defimation of character. Do you honestly think Black people cannot be college professors? What kind of bubble do you live in child. You need to get a grip on reality.

And this emo idea...you think you are so "emo", while you are just a stupid racist child who has no clue. Move to the city, hun, try to make some real "emo" friends with those ideas...heck try to make any friends with them, i promise you you will have no success.

what are you trying to cover up? are you so ugly on the inside that you have to critisize other people's outsides? What kind of school do you go to that doesnt teach you the fundimentals of biology and anthropology that goes into our species? I honestly hope you make the wrong comment to someone someday and get what you deserve. Maybe it will actually end up having a life after all. Until then stay in new hapshire because you and your kind are sure as hell not wanted anywhere else.

you are off my friends list. I added you because you seemed interesting and like you had something to say. Now i see that you are a cheep generic paper person with no ideas of her own. Your loss. "

Fucking hilarious, I say.
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