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I wanted to see pictures of all the old He-Man figures I used to own… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I wanted to see pictures of all the old He-Man figures I used to own - in fact I might still have a bunch of them up at my parents' house - so I checked out He-Man.org and found all of them. Badass.

Old school He-Man, 1982.

Skeletor, 1982

Man-At-Arms, the unsung hero, 1982

Zodac, 1982. Pretty sure he was a bad guy, I used to squish his head a lot.

Mer-Man, 1982.

Beast Man, 1982. You are mega old school if you had this guy.

Battle Cat, 1982.

Tri-Klops, 1983. He gets progressively more pissed.

Trap Jaw, 1983. Favorite for a while.

Man-E-Faces, 1983. Hella badass.

Ram Man, 1983. The worst He-man figure ever, spring loaded legs for the ram effect, but nothing else moved.

Buzz-Off, 1984. Favorite for a while.

Prince Adam, 1984. The Clark Kent of He-Man.

Roboto, 1985. Fucking tight.

Mutli-Bot, 1986. Coolest figure ever.

King Hiss, leader of the Snake Men. My last figure, and second worst.

I wonder if I can find the Dick Tracy figures.....

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