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It amazes me how much time goes by on my day off from work without me… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
It amazes me how much time goes by on my day off from work without me doing a damn thing. I basically sat on my ass ("I did nothing...I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be") until a little after 4. Then I went to school for the station staff meeting only to find that there was no meeting....apparently we had a softball game though (intramural) so I went out to the fields only to find nobody there....so I started walking back to the station when I ran into a fellow DJ and she said they were on the way to the game, so we walked back out. Still nobody there. And then we were told that we didn't have a game today. So while walking back to the station yet again, we ran into the others. After some checking, we were informed that our team was declared Intramural Co-Rec Softball Champions (or something like that)....because the rest of the teams quit. We actually didn't win a game. But oh well, we're still the champs. We started playing just with our team, then another team showed up who apparently didn't have a game either, so we played against them. We actually held our own, considering their team was all guys who liked they played a lot of sports, and we were a bunch of DJs. I did double duty pitching for both teams, and nearly lost my head a few times from line drives. Fun game though. It's not 7:37, and not only have I not finished my short story yet, I haven't cleaned my room either. Smackdown is on in 20 minutes, but I don't remember if I'm going to watch it....I'll have to check the spoilers again.

'Tis all.

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